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Not being dead, isn't being alive.

Sometimes we just need a little bit of imagination to realize that. Life is a very abstract concept, as so death.

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On a scale of mystery, it broke mine.
Each words, different meanings.
Okay, tell me, what insipired you?


Holy.... Whoa. If this doesn't get featured, nothing should. This is... Beyond words.

5910727 Hope so, my friend. Hope so!

5910513 Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

And it's really hard to say; I was listening to this song, late at night, and inspiration came to me.


Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.

What truth?

There is no spoon.


Nothing I can say can accurately describe how I feel about this. The words are there, but they would be as accurate as aiming at a target and hitting a tree. Just...wow. You have earned a like and a favorite.

5910848 there goes my broken DVD of Matrix: Revolutions

.....I....really don't know what to say other than amazing.:rainbowderp:

5910939 Matrix is such an amazing trilogy. (Even though I prefer the first movie)

I wish the Wachowskis could develop a new saga. Matrix world is way too complex, and the probabilities are almost infinite.

Ah, lovely metaphysics. This was quite the interesting little read.

I have no words of the moment.

Reading this filled me with a kind of contentment.
It felt...Refreshing? Yes, that's the word.
I must say I quite enjoyed this, it's pleasant in a peculiar way.


it's pleasant in a peculiar way.

That's great! I guess it worked - I really love 'peculiar' things (it's hard to describe) and if my story seems peculiar in a way, I'm happy.

What is the purpose of killing a kingdom?

5911656 No one killed a kingdom. :rainbowhuh:

oh... but you did!


Good. Story.

*hides under a blanket for the rest of the day :fluttercry:

Still thinking of how to condense my thoughts into words...

5911717 No, they were already dead.

And indeed, she was right. As princess Luna galloped in torment down the stairs and through the corridors, fallen bodies were the only obstacles in the way. Royal guards still in their armors were lying on the floor alongside with their spears, maids unconsciously rested over plates and trays – diplomats, advisers, visitors.


Amazing story.

Wonderfully abstract. Added to Sad Luna.

beautiful jet creepy...

Well, you asked for critique, so here's mine.

Almost everything is excellent. The prose, the pacing, and the imagery are all outstanding. The premise does a good job at being artistic and leaving things up for interpretation, something I don't see too much of on this site, or at least not a whole lot that's interesting to read. What keeps the story from being damn near perfect, however, are the few errors in words being used out of context or misuse of plurals/past tense, so I'd work on nailing that for your next story.

Overall, I loved it. Into my Favorites it goes! :twilightsmile:

Hm. I'll need to reread it.

5912556 Thank you!

I'll make sure to find an available editor, to help me with the next story. I wrote this one overnight, so I kinda expected it to have some grammatical mistakes. :twilightblush:

5911717 As I said in the author's note - You're free to find your own meaning. This story is a metaphor, so it's up to you to interpret the 'death of the kingdom'.

Before Hand, In Some Far Away Place.....


-A Number Of Large Cannons Fire, The Shells Explode In The Atmosphere Above Equestria-

That Is My Theory On What Happened.

I can see the question being the important point to this short, but my sense of story keeps saying there should be a lot more to this to give it more meaning. A odd conundrum if you ask.

Who watches over the dreams and nightmares of the one who watches over the dreams and nightmares when she sleeps?

Bob from accounting, or Gina from marketing if Bob has the day off.

This may or may not reflect the story, but philosophy is my strong point.

Is death life? Is life death? do we really know? Are we alive? Are we really dead? or somewhere in between? Do we really understand?
Do we die after we have lived our lives? Do we start to live after our lives are finished? Do we really understand?
What is life? what is Death? but concepts, simple concepts, nothing more.
Do we wake in a dream to another life? Perhaps we never die? Perhaps it is all dreams upon dreams created by something we do not comprehend?

Certainly one can die inside, a living corpses shell,
one step more and then again, a living corpses hell.
On it goes the walk of death, to never feel inside,
on it goes the walk of death, the living hell abide.

I have always been one to reach out to others, to offer friendship when I can.


Who watches the watchmen?
Thank you for putting it into words.

Man, I want more. AND I want to know what's in that air!:rainbowhuh:

WHO?! WHAT?! EXPLAIN!! EXPLAIN!! great short btw ever thought of going farther with this?

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