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Melon Collie

Ominous anonymous....


I'm a palace guard.

So, my life is pretty dull. All I do is stand around waiting for something I'm guarding to be under threat.

And since that never happens, I gotta find a way to entertain myself.

See that stallion over there? He's searching all of Canterlot for his pants!

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You gotta pity these guys. They either have the most boring job, or face things so powerful they can't stop them.

This was pretty nice. I'd like to see some more musings.

This was very entertaining. J wouldn't mind following this guy around some more and get his thoughts on other things

Huh! This is really, really good :pinkiehappy: The title caught my eye, and I'm glad I checked it out!

You write very well! It's a clever and entertaining little story, and I like your narrative style a lot. I'd definitely be interested in reading some of those stories, if mister "Palace Guard" gets around to them :raritywink:

Nice story :rainbowkiss: :yay:

I see them go, and I think....

“Take me with you....”

7214940 Yeah, it's not easy being a royal guard.

Although that leaves the question of how he reacts when Twilight becomes a princess, or the whole Tirek event.

“Honey, where are my paaaaaaaaaants?!”

I can't imagine Fancy Pants saying this in his fancy, aristocratic accent. Also, LEGO Movie reference?

7218393 yeah I would read that it would make an interesting epilogue. :twilightsmile: heck maybe the guard even gets transferred to the Palace of friendship, I mean just imagine that back stories he could make up with the residents of ponyville

If the guards are that bored it's no surprise that Wind Rider managed to distract them with a cake.

This was a great story to read. I love the Royal/Night Guard :derpytongue2: :heart:

The blue pegasus chick? Waaay too butch to be a stallion magnet.

Fight me, square. I'll pummel you any day!

Great fic. Loved the remark on "lavender unicorns."

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