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The Mane Six have just defeated Discord...or so they think. He disappeared and has since now returned with a new force of five villains from other worlds calling themselves the Elements of Chaos. Their intent: challenge the Elements of Harmony and harness Equestria's magic for their own ends. Can they be stopped? And is everything as it seems?

Chapters (11)
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Either you can type with the speed of light, or you prepared this story for a while now. Anyway, amazing writing, great plot (dare I say), and mindblowing ending.

2968635 Thanks! :twilightsmile:

I actually finished it all in June and early July.

This is one of the best crossovers I have ever read.


needs some editing, but this is friggen haylerious! :rainbowlaugh: i can totally see em all at a garden party sipping tea and muttering 'quite' while they explain the big plan :rainbowlaugh: 9.5/10 easily :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Ember Q Discordia deleted Aug 1st, 2013

i believe you mean a chocolate milk of glass.

That. Was. Awesome! :rainbowkiss:
I just couldn't stop reading.
oh dear

Could it be? First post?!

YAAAY SEQUEL :pinkiehappy:

This chapter sounds exactly like how the true DisQord would have reacted.

THE STANLEY PARABLE!!! LOL:rainbowlaugh:

Wait, did Voldemort never learn wandless spells? Seriously? That's a MAJOR weakness. He should have at least cast a "this wand will come to me whenever I cast this spell" enchantment on it.

... and just how did the Precursors channel(and steal) said magic? Last I checked, they had none of their own. I may not be an expert on Fable, but I'm pretty sure you need a will user to use it, and in Harry Potter, the only known way to take away a wizard's magic is dementors.

5071016 Precursor Neural Physics is pretty much god-like "space magic". That coupled with virtually nothing being known about their true nature gives them similarities to Discord, Q, Star War's Celestials, Cthulu, etc.

I recognize 3 of the 6 "elements of chaos". 1.Discord: top middle: mlp-fim
2.Voldemort: bottom right: Harry Potter
3.The Mad God (Sheogorath): top left: Oblivion (Shivering Isles dlc)

I recognize Discord, Voldemort, and Sheogorath, but who are the other six?

Ice King from Adventure Time, Didact from Halo, and Jack of Blades from the Fable series :raritywink:

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