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First featured on 6/17/2014.


These are some of the titles many have bestowed on the virtuoso, Octavia Melody. Through countless hours of practice and studying, Octavia had become the most renowned musician in Equestria. With an abundance of fame and fortune, it seemed like she lived the perfect life. However, Octavia has lately been feeling that something is missing from her music.

A seemingly normal trip to Ponyville changes everything when she hears the sound of a fiddle. Following the music, Octavia arrives at an apple orchard. What she finds would possibly help her make her music whole again. As well as so much more.

This story takes place within Season 2 with a few elements from Season 3 mixed in.

Chapters (40)
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Comments ( 393 )

Oh hey there!

Looks good so far.


Stranger danger! Stranger danger!

not sure if this will be a Octavia/AJ pairing. but it would be a unique pairing to see.
Cant wait to see where this story goes


It's definitely an Octavia/AJ pairing. The story just needs some time before they meet.


Me? What, nnoooo.

I got candy though.

:derpytongue2: It's time for a Ditsy old time!

:pinkiehappy: Oh boy! Got a song for us?

:derpytongue2: I sure do! Oooooh-

:pinkiegasp: What is it?

:derpyderp2: Wind's in the east... mist's coming in...


:derpyderp1: Like something is brewing... about to begin...

:derpyderp2: Can't put my hoof on what lies in store...

:derpytongue2: But I feel what's to happen, all happened before...

I like where this is going!

Well im glad Octavia has someone watching out for her. Also cant wait to see how she does in Ponyville. Especially when she starts to meet everyone.

Immaculate floor?

I c wut u did thar...

Awww i hope what ever is troubling AJ she can over come it. Or at least with Octavia she will.
Hope the next time they meet its hopefully wont be so sad and they get to talk some


I did write in the reason Applejack is sad although not only is it a bit subtle, but it's something the writers of the show talked about that wasn't obvious in the show.

4054872 Indeed, the two shooting stars was homage to AJ's parents that died; although what caused their death is unknown.


And that's one of the beauties of fanfiction: Taking the unknown and crafting our own stories.

What is she even worried about Applejack's music for? Rarity said she wants to know who it is, so why doesn't Octavia describe the "mysterious pony"'s appearance to Rarity and solve the problem. Ta-da! Not that difficult.


Out of respect for the mysterious mare’s supposed need for privacy, Octavia decided to not talk about the mare’s appearance.

Octavia is trying to respect Applejack's privacy. She's not sure who Applejack is and if Applejack would appreciate having her secret be spread. It was indeed a private moment. Not only that, but Octavia does not know that Rarity and Applejack are friends, so the thought did not occur to her.

If it's too much of a problem, I'll try to tweak that part.

4088241 I would have Octavia ask Rarity if she should describe the mysterious mare's appearance and Rarity decline and say that Octavia should respect the mare's privacy.


Rarity is a bit of a gossip, so I would think she would actually encourage revealing Applejack's appearance if Octavia went in that direction.

4088267 I never thought about that. I just didn't really like the way their meeting went.


If other people end up having problems with it, I'll try to revamp it.

Comment posted by Alexander_Krozz deleted Mar 16th, 2014

awww man, as soon as the setting was set I knew what the music was about.... and as you went on describing it.... I knew... and I kept myself from crying.
Then AJ did, and it was all i could do to keep myself from crying....
I love this chapter to death!
I hope for many more like this! :ajsleepy:

I like the way you did things here. Octavias respect for AJ's need for privacy, by her not saying anything to Rarity about her, was the right move!
Im not to big of a fan of sending Octavia back to Canterlot but I do believe it was the right thing to do at this point!

Man i'm excited for more of this story! :twilightsmile:

so according to fancy pants twilight hasnt gone to ponyville yet, interesting

Where does he say that? This story starts off during Season 2.

4106933 oh thats right i forgot about that in the summary i had assumed because he said that he expected big things from that city which made me think she hadnt gone yet and they hadnt gotten the elements since i would assume that they would be famous unless its not public knowledge that rarity and pinkie are element holders

Im still loving this, I could not find anything wrong with it.
Still looking forward to the next ones.
This don't look like it's going to be a short story, and I sure hope its not going to be short.
Keep up the amazing work!

I already made myself a rough outline of the whole story. We're roughly around 30% in.

Octavia relentlessly practicing as much as her stamina allowed

A word went missing there, I think.

Damn you, this story has me on the edge of my seat. I want to know how AJ and Octavia get along right now! :fluttercry:

It should be "practiced" instead of "practicing". Thank you for pointing that out.

cant wait for the meeting between AppleJack and Octavia

Each new chapter of this story is a treat.

Thank you for, the lovely update.
As always I'm loving this story!
Keep up the amazing work!

Octavia does not see Applejack that way... yet.

:facehoof:I feel sorry for what Octavia will go through by the time she's finished day one.
:ajbemused:Well at least her rear legs will be stronger for it.

Oh boy, let's see what Octavia finds out.

Yay that went way better than I thought it would!

Glad AJ didnt react to harshly to Octavia hearing her play both times. Also I'm seeing some funny times if Octavia gives Applebucking a shot. Cant wait for the next update

Octavia trying to buck an apple tree... she still did better than Pinkie Pie. :pinkiesad2:

I loved this chapter. The fact that playing is something special for Applejack is both beautiful and sad. Can't wait to read more :)

Yayyy! Is this a TaviJack ship? (Or whatever it is you call Octavia and Applejack)

Yep, and as far as I know, this is the first "long" story to ship them.

thank you for this chapter!
I hope for more soon!

:pinkiegasp:DOES APPLEBLOOM GET HER CUTIE MARK IN THIS STORY?!?!?! THAT'D BE AWESOME!:rainbowkiss: pleaseeeeee?:applecry:

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