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I'm a 21-year-old pegasister with a love for Rarity that would give Spike a run for his money.

Remembering Scribbler's Beloved Suki

Anyone who has ever spent five minutes with me knows how much I respect and admire the author ObabScribbler. Recently, her dog Suki, whom she loved dearly, passed away. Although I've never met her personally, she seemed like a pretty amazing dog, and a resilient one at that. She's had some medical problems but was always able to pull through, and it seems like such an injustice that she had to die so suddenly after everything she's been through. If everyone could offer Scribbler some support, I would really appreciate it and I know she would too.
Thanks y'all


How's everypony doing? Here's a little tidbit of info about myself, if any of y'all are interested. I've been in the fandom about four years now, and I've visited fimfiction...I'd say ritualistically throughout those four years, but for some reason I'm only just now getting an account. I've read so many fantastically moving and well-written pieces on here, I just couldn't stand not being a part of it any longer. There are so many talented authors in the brony community, but a few of my favorites are Steel Resolve, Greenback, Daemon of Decay, Monochromatic, and of course, Scribbler. I would consider myself lucky to be half the writers they are. Even though I only became an adult a few months ago, I've loved writing ever since I could hold a pencil, and the best feeling in the world is when someone tells me they like my stories. You really couldn't make me a happier little Rarity fanatic.

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Taking A Break · 5:03am May 1st, 2016

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've made a blog post! I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be going on hiatus for a little while. It feels silly in a way, it's not like I'm a super prolific writer who puts out stories all the time and needs a break. It's not that I've lost my motivation for writing or anything, I don't think that could ever happen, I'm just not going to be writing MLP fics for a little while. I'd like to write some stories for some of my other fandoms since I've never

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