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German , Trying to write something worth while. Everyone start small after all. Enjoy the Story fellow Bronys (^///-///^)/)


Expect Updates soon · 9:24am May 1st

But feel free to point out typos and give advice how a word or sentance can be improved.

I played a few days some games like dead space and x-com for some of my storys.
I learned not to keep the stuff unedited after it showed that 86,2 GB of recording material got corruped and all my effort was for nothing...
Shit happend :duck:

Pulled Marksaline out of Hiatus into incomplet and edit two chapters at the moment.

Enjoy your weekend :twilightsmile:

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Sneak peak · 3:53am March 15th

Gray the Necromancer - The beginning
Chapter 11.5 - The calm before a bloody storm 2/ ?

After a few brutal minutes for everyone effected:
- Starlight deathfart Glimmer...
- Gray the in the face green tinted future Necromancer.
- Faithful Wings, surviver of the Burrito Cupcake aftermath.
- Night and Day Guard who could have sworn a army of Timberwolfs had forget to chew on a Mint plant.
- For some reason the Author himself a reality away.

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Sneak peak · 3:47am March 15th

Selene The Crimson RED Changeling Empress
By: " Black--Soul "

Chapter Eleven: Before - Hiding the Salvation Cave and rising moral NSFW 2/2

Selene lay in shock on the ground. He did injury to her selfrespect and ego, but what did she do to deserve it? Why would he be trying to humiliate her after all she did for them all?

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Update for my readers · 5:42am February 25th

I have for the time being no proofreaders, so you see why i can't produce updates as usual. But i edited enough for a while... Time to prepare the next set of updates.

Can some tell me how to shift the position of chapters? Changeling Selenes story needs some chapters added in between and i have no idea how to make it happen...

Gray the Necromancer will probably get my attention after the next 3-4 updates to my Changeling story.
I start now slowly to work in my foundation story.

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Good news! · 2:39pm February 6th

The Dog of my sister is now back with her since she recovered from Corona. In short, no more dog to keep me from proofreading and writing chapters.

What i get today done is proofreading of what i can managed.

Quick question for my readers.
- Should i work after proof reading on
'Gray the Necromancer - The Beginning'
- 'Selene the crimson red Changeling Empress'

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Update · 1:37am February 3rd

Good news after Sunday i should be able to return the Welp i'm looking after so i have again time to write more. Lucky me, i get to keep by Sister since she is about to recover ♡:yay:

Bad news... Was there a server backup rollback? I lost 2 hole chapters and 3 chapters edit are undone...
When i used a bookmark in my to edit chapter i get the Derpy error screen.
I just lost a lot of progress...
I re-readed my storys to be sure and made all the edits i remember...

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Bad news · 11:38am January 22nd

Private problems have my private free time cut down. I have to take one of my familie dogs to me, since one of my familie member get to sick to care for the young dog after Covid struck. ( familie member for the next two weeks- one month in the hospital ).
I have no idea how to care for a Dog beyond the basics so i have to read up on that...

I guess i come eventually tomorrow to update my Changeling story.

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Selene The Crimson RED Changeling Empress Chapter 11 · 4:06pm January 18th

Selene The Crimson RED Changeling Empress Chapter eleven. Vote looks so far pretty one sided.
I wonder if that because of common sence or some actually read the storys i get my voting idea from...

Anyway i have a bit of a absolutly mad idea...
Please tell me what you think about it. Here is the very rough and unfinished version of Chapter 11:

Selene The Crimson RED Changeling Empress
By: " Black--Soul "

Chapter Eleven: xxx

Write the vote result here

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Vote had consequences · 8:34pm January 16th

You voted and i delivered the result. It was quite a great chapter, yet the songs i searched out and mooded for the killing vote is now not longer viable...
Perhaps later... Here see for yourself:

„Sworn Secret reveald“

got a secret~
can you keep it?

swear to me this
one you´ll save~

better lock it,
in you heart~~

taking this one to
the grave!

if i show you
then i know you,

won´t tell what i said,

cause two can
keep a secret

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Update · 7:37am January 16th

Good news, Selene the Red Empress should enjoy a double update in a few hours. My mind is a bit sluggish with what ever they put in the IV on my arm.
So excuse typos.
I will probably not write next week, i'm absolutly miserabel from this god damn anti gen shit they give me yesterday.

Anyway have a great weekend and new week.
Cya when i get back.