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German , Trying to write something worth while. Everyone start small after all. Enjoy the Story fellow Bronys (^///-///^)/)


Cynder story gain more pony words · 6:50pm May 19th

15.000 words for my Cynder story. Massiv inspiration I got over the last two days, writing in between working and studying.
Unfortunately proofreading will be hell.
Can't even usually relay on Google docs at the first 2-3 read though because it has a tendency to change words and ruine sentences.

Anyway I will indeed step back from Fimfiction for at least a week.
Comments will be all I write at best.

Have a great weekend :twilightsmile:

Stay snuggly :twilightsheepish:

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General update,Little free time · 9:35pm May 16th

When I don’t study for my new job that seem to not move along, I de-stress with writing stuff on my Fimfiction stories.
Currently I write a little here or there, but I feel like I get nowhere.

I tried the last 5 weeks to work on my Selene story, but I don’t like what I come up with and have to contemplate its next chapter.

My Mass Effect story needs hours if bit days in proofreading and adding of humor, it's sounds horrible dry to myself somehow.

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Really bad news, request for help! · 2:45pm April 14th

There was a error in the editing of the chapter 7 of my Marksaline story.
The result was losing the chapter content.
Has anyone a copy of my Marksaline story stored somewhere?!
Otherwise the chapter 7 is lost...


I am in a naughty mood~β™‘ · 3:10pm April 12th

The titel already giving you hopes?
Time to continue the Changeling Empress adventure.
Some clop, tons of proofreading, continuation of the storyline.
Also I see i just made 1 update 2023 for that story.
Really wasted that year working to hard...


I proofreading recently alot of my stories, fixed a lot of typos even after years... :facehoof:

So now it's going to be probably 1-3 updates for Selene and her Zebra herd.

Any request?

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Update and accidentally publishing · 3:12pm April 11th

Chapter special:
Pantyhose Warrior - 'The Bad Dragon' is a Breezee?

The over 7000 word chapter isn't done, I miss clicking. The editing button is still without space beside the publishing one :facehoof:

Mostly proofreading and some line I have to change up near the end. Probably editing some humor in as well.

Perhaps done in a hour. We shall see.

Stay snuggly :pinkiesmile:πŸ‘


New story is out · 12:28am April 1st

This will be a side project, but two other chapter are mostly done, awaiting brain bleaching proofreading.

I am currently editing my Gray story next chapter.
It's a special giving introduction to multiple characters and add three side Characters to the story.

Three Author's will have their user name as Character name, two mostly because the third is slightly tricky to use.

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Very sad to see a favorite story be canceled · 7:29pm March 6th

Andrew Joshua Talon, he just left the community.
Since 2012 activ and one of my favorite stories
Short Hand
The sequel to
The Stars Revolt!
Always sad to see a magnificent Author go.
He will be dearly missed.

I legitimately have tears in my eyes...

Stay snuggly :pinkiesad2:


Gray the Necromancer teaser · 2:07pm February 4th

Here is a teaser to the next chapter to Gray the Necromancer, that said it will not be released this weekend. Though after it's finalized, polished and released the story will have a break until I worked on my other storys.
Enjoy :twilightsmile:
'Gray the Necromancer - The beginning'

Written by: Black--Soul

Chapter 11.5 - The calm before a bloody storm 5/7

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Gray the Necromancer - Update progress · 2:07pm January 30th

6000 words wait to be released, actually more... but proofreading stuff and adding more will take time I currently don't have.

Here is a teaser for the clop part before the big main event to awaken the Necromancer abilitys of Gray, the bloody earned benediction of the dark arts used for rather gray purposes.


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Proofreading and other stuff · 4:28pm January 29th

I edited my Cynder chapters all for some minor typos that frequently get through my viligant proofreading, thanks for pointing out when I made one and overlooked it :twilightsmile:β™‘

Had edited also some Marksaline chapters, hard to believe that alone cost me 2 hours of my free time today... but small task can still suck up a lot if time... go figure.

I have currently writers block on Gray the Necromancer and my not so popular stories...

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