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Welcome to the Creative Ideas Club. Here I will be giving a story idea or plot and you guys can help me improve it with your ideas and creativity, ingenuity and more.

If you have other talents like drawing OCs or creating scenery using your imagination then those skills will be very helpful to help my stories moving forward.
Asides from helping me you can also help each other so it's a win win scenario.

If you do join I hope you enjoy and have fun ^_^

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Great to see you.

Greetings everypony

I am writing this comment so as to inform you all that I have a second and more prominent group here on fim fiction and if interested you can join via this link, now this link will take to you my group which is focused around a project that I have been working on since April of 2020 and with it's release if interested you are free to join and be a part of it.

All details and other points are available in the group, thank you and I hope to see you there.

The Infiniteer

Hiya Artist, great to see ya mhm

Hey Guys

I have a task for ya and it's simple, try creating a beautiful scene using your creativity and when done post it here as I would love to see it

Alright guys, who's up for a brainstorming session ^_^

And I am happy you feel that way my friend as this group is one that is best experienced with friends and good people ^^

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Glad to be apart of this group!

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