Demongate Academy and the Academyverse 12 members · 2 stories

Per Equinus Vox , Servo Ex Malum. (With the Power of Ponies, Protect from Evil)
Welcome to Demongate Academy, a place where you will be trained to use your fantastic powers that you have recently found yourself in possession of. Perhaps you wield psychic abilities, altering physics to bend to your will through sheer strength of will. Or maybe you are connected to creatures of another plane of existence, and can call upon them to fight on your behalf. Maybe you were simply born of a heritage not our own, and can do many unnatural things. You may be possessed of a certain item of power, hoofed down your family for generations. Or perhaps you have some other power. Whatever it may be, we can train you, not only to protect yourself, but all creation from those who would seek to destroy it.

Effectively, this is a group for those who enjoyed Welcome to Demongate Academy, its soon-to-come (for a very loose definition of soon) sequels, and official (PlazmaticBrony) sidestories.

Rules on creating your own Academyverse stories to come soon.

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