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Sprout made a critical mistake in his plan.

He was unable to escape to the One place that HASN'T BEEN CORRUPTED BY FRIENDSHIP!


i have an idea for an alternate history that i can't get out of my head after i saw an excerpt from a fanfic where hitch said that sprout could have been a hero like him if he hadn't started a race war and then i thought what if the same way as that other fanfic where a human goes to equestria as spike and tries to fix some of the mistakes that the characters made in the series, especially the spike part, and if some human went to maretime bay becoming sprout and chose to do everything differently and follow hitch's advice of not starting a war and just keep the rest of the ponies safe until they get back

Praise be the best part of Gen 5 so far.

But in all seriousness we need sprout emojis NOW!!!

Mob now!:pinkiecrazy:

Our Glorious Leader will lead Best Equestria to greatness, for sure!

praise be dear leader sprout

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