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Hi! I'm an MtF transexual who writes a lot of fics! I hope you all really enjoy my work (though i have a tendency to not update certain stories for long stretches of time... Anyway! I like adventres!


This story is a sequel to Who is Grand Heist?

Thousands of years ago, two princesses defeated a powerful being and became more than what they were. Now, thousands of years later, the enemy they imprisoned has been freed.

Discord is more powerful than any enemy they have fought before, but surely Rainbow Dash (Element of Magic), Pinkamena (Element of Honesty), Applejack (Element of Loyalty), Twilight Sparkle (Element of Generosity), Rarity (Element of Kindness), Fluttershy (Element of Laughter) and Spike (Voice of Reason) can defeat him.

If the world doesn't break first....

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Hey there. Thanks very much for getting the next story started. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Not much I can say other than great job on the exchanges, emotional content, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. As for your Discord not having any redeeming qualities, that's fair enough. It's YOUR universe after all, and I'm cool with however you choose to depict the characters. Except - what would stop him from just killing the Element Bearers with a mere thought and being done with it BEFORE they had ANY chance to defend themselves? You know, other than Bond Villain Stupidity?

At any rate, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

7838165 Discord does not kill, not because he finds it reprehensible or anything, but because he doesn't find it chaotic or fun. Death, in his eyes, is just another facet of Order and he'd rather be caught in a frilly pink tutu than do anything to help with the status quo.

7838787 Okay, fair enough. Thanks for the answer.

but surely Rainbow Dash (Element of Magic), Pinkamena (Element of Honesty), Applejack, Twilight Sparkle (Element of Generosity), Rarity (Element of Kindness), Fluttershy (Element of Laughter) and Spike (Voice of Reason) can defeat him.

Isn't Applejack 'The Element of Loyalty'? And how did Spike get the title 'Voice of Reason'?

Dr. Prankie Pie? Is that supposed to be Maud in the 'verse? Or an unknown pony that will become 'Screwball'?

7839909 Oh hey I missed you! I was beginning to wonder if something happened or you just got bored >.< But yeah, Dr Prankie is actually an alternate version of LImestone Pie who acted as the arc villain of the April Fool's special I took WAY too long finishing.

also the last title for Spike is a joke, due to him being a more consistent sidekick to Rainbow reading more than her.

7840140 Sorry. I was just waiting for another update of Spectrum of the Rainbow. This story just happened to catch my interest.

7840303 ah alright my apologies there : 3

I admit. I haven't read a number of the prior stories. Where exactly does Applejack work (Ponyville, Appaloosa, Manehattan, etc.)? And what is Lil' Strongheart doing working for AJ? And what is up with Dr. Prankie/Limestone Pie?

7849838 Applejack works in Ponyville, at the Carousel Boutique. Li'l Strongheart is working as an assistant to Applejack as part of a way for her people to form connections with ponies after the events of Apple to the Core. As for Dr Prankie, she was the antagonist of The Prankster's Gambit. One of the challenges of a project like this is having different stories that some may read that share certain elements and continuity that may not be always naturally or easily explained.

I remember you saying that keeping most things in an AU the same as the regular universe is kind of boring, but changing how long ago Discord's defeat was from 1,000 years prior to 4,000 years prior just felt kind of arbitrary.

7988885 maybe I did put it back far too long ago, but I just felt it opens up too much fridge logic for him to be a big threat not too long before the Princess' first ascended, and then for Luna to become Nightmare Moon not too long after. It just would be too short a timeframe for ALL of that to happen at once and make sense.

7989081 That makes sense, though I like to believe that 1000 is used more as a catchall number for that group of years.

7989094 possibly, but I just wanted to clarify thigns for my setting, at least

So, in essence, Discord turned these Element Bearers into the ones in canon? This is so cruel.

That's certainly an interesting way to alter their personalities.
I'm just wondering how exactly Spike's going to convince RD of who she truly is in this 'verse.

8054391 well obviously he fails and the rest of the series is just discord ruining everything for 200 episodes :trollestia:

8054284 well he IS evil, y'know. Plus what better way toprove how much better chaos is than by showing his enemies the status quo?

8055493 That WOULD make for an interesting AU to this AU...
What would that even be called?

8055496 Yeah, but he made one mistake. The same mistake Chrysalis make in the season six finale. Never underestimate your opponents, including sidekicks.

8055591 more importantly, never underestimate what those sidekicks are able to do

8056061 I'm more talking about what an AU for an AU would be called.
But that AU!AU would probably be called discordameggedon.

8056063 .....

we have to go DEEPER


Oh no! Twilight got turned into Twilight! We would get Rainbow Dash to help but she's busy being Rainbow Dash!

8056489 kinda reminds me of Homestuck Act 3 Intermission

"Hearts Boxcars cannot be Diamonds Droog because obviously Spades Slick is too busy being Clubs Deuce"

I've never read Homestuck good chapter by the way.

8057223 there's a dub of it on youtube called Let's Read Homestuck, check it, you may like it

and thanks

Good call on not ending it here. This way, we get to see how Spike reacts to seeing his friends new attitude. Poor Pinky Pinkamena. Trapped in her own personal Tartarus.

8111563 indeed

This has always been envisioned for Pinkamena from the beginning, and I'd say its certainly one of the more darker aspects of this story. It's worse for her cause, unlike the others, she's actually somewhat aware of her situation but can't do anything about it.

This was the hardest chapter to read so far, which I guess was intentional.

8112758 I'm guesssing its because it edged into some darker territory?

Reaction to Pinkamena: *Inhale* AAAAAaaaaaaahhh!

So, in addition to the many differences between this 'verse and the mane one that exist already...
1. The mane 6 get constant custody of the elements LONG before they do in canon.
2. There's likely not going to be a "Keep Calm and Flutter On" like situation.
3. Sunset's still in Equestria and trying to resurrect Sombra for revenge.
4. Thanks to that author's note, I assume that the adventures in the Daring Do equivalent are all made up... or are they real and Trixie is merely the one who writes about them?

I AM looking forward as to what's next in this world, though I feel like some of the older fics that haven't been updated should be continued first...especially the one about Diamond Tiara.

And one last thing that I'm going to put here to save up on comments:
Have you ever considered doing a crossover fic where somehow this world's mane 6 and the canon mane 6 meet?
I think that would be a VERY fun story.

8180552 yes, this universe's equivalent to Daring Do (The Great and Powerful Jinx, for reference) is wholly fictional and created by Trixie.

Sombra is quite different in this verse, and that's all I'm gonna say.

I do intend to get back to my older stories, its just some of them do have their progress on the hard drive of my old computer so yeah....still working on it though, just...need to work up the motivation >.<

and I do have plans for a crossover, there's just a fic I have planned that needs to happen first


Sombra is quite different in this verse, and that's all I'm gonna say.

Naturally, he'll be different.

I do intend to get back to my older stories, its just some of them do have their progress on the hard drive of my old computer so yeah....still working on it though, just...need to work up the motivation >.<

I see.

and I do have plans for a crossover, there's just a fic I have planned that needs to happen first

I'd ask what it's about but that's probably spoilers.

8181138 it involves what I at least assume to be popular villains, the Bad Apples

So, Sombra is actually going to be competent in this 'verse. In my headcanon Sombra is a great villain, he is just more devious than he is given credit for.

8187483 I will say he will be a more active threat than in canon once I get to him. The way I have things structured in my head, he'll have to wait a bit.

any other thoughts on this cchapter, if you don't mind my asking?


Spike growled. “I-if you hurt them I’ll...”

“You’ll what?” The mixed up, chaotic creature raised a challenging brow. “You can’t DO anything, you’re just the sidekick. Just run along and sit tight, leave me be.”

Classic Villain Mistake; underestimation.
I love how Spike was the one that got the ball rolling in order for Discord to be defeated.

Twilight scoffed. “Ugh, we’re going to be here all day going in circles! What else could go wrong?”

Rainbow grindingly turned her head towards the unicorn, glaring daggers. “Why. Why did you say that. Why, in all the name of the sun and moon, did you think saying THAT PHRASE was an excellent idea!?”

Pinkamena giggled as she looked out the window. “Oh hey! It’s my sister, the crazy prankster Limestone Pie!”

Spike facepalmed. “Gosh darnit Twi...” He sighed.

Murphy: And thanks for giving me more work. *sigh* The paperwork on this is going to be a mess.

8188120 The spike thing was completely intentional I assure you : 3 and well, spoilers, its gonna be revisited later on too

So Discord won't be reformed in this version of Equestria?

nope! this Discord is a huge asshole!

I get the feeling Discord was reffering to a certain centaur.

actually Discord has never met Tirek in this continuity

a chapter for Spectrum of the Rainbow (which I have unfortunately left neglected for a while >.>;) has a bit more detail regarding Discord's backstory. Just a bit.

Oh. Well I thought it was Tirek. Boy I have some catching up to do.

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