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All of the Above

Retired fanficion writer. I don't understand you people, and yet I can't help but come back.



This story is a sequel to The Girl with the Really Big Hair

One day, Adagio was just walking around, and then she got a dog on her face.

I don't know what happened.

*Buries head in snow*

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Comments ( 63 )

Here, have all my yes's. Take them! :flutterrage:

This story was wonderful but ya might wanna go through and correct all the little typos.

This story's got me feeling some type of way.

Amazing, just amazing. I'm serious.
8/8, rlly gr8 m8.

Comment posted by Saph deleted Dec 24th, 2014

Hahaha! :rainbowkiss: :rainbowlaugh: Although I'm not one to sit through long walls of text, so I can't help but wondering if I would have enjoyed this more if it was horribly animated on purpose. :raritystarry:

What have I just bore witness to?
Not sure, but I think it was funny.
Doge, hehe.
I remember this from a fever dream...
Well done!

I don't know why this story doesnt have a perfect rating. It make's a vast improvement over the original character.

Why you do this crime?

Because I like watching you suffer.:pinkiehappy:

Head canon accepted.

Much doge
Such confusion
Very orange

Downvote for meme-based idiocy in title and image. Will not read. Fuck you.

This picture accurately describes my opinion(s) of this fic:

2/3 WTF; 1/3 'YEAH BABY, YEAH!'

You've got all these dark and sad stories, and then this. Wut. Is even. Going on. Have a favorite.

Sweet Celestia if this isn't the dumbest pun I could have conceived of.

I should read this before I upvote it...

It's good to try new things out every now and again. I'm just a naturally sad and dark person, but deep down inside, I have a sense of humor!

Well... then that happened...

I'm going to keep eating my cheese puffs like nothing happened.

Really? No one is going to say it? I'm gonna have to do it? Alright.

Much reading.
Very doge.
Such story.

5420533 Congratulations, you just won the award for best "That Song Is Old But The Reference Is Funny" moment of 2014! Here's your complimentary Coca Cola.

5420616 And with only 8 days left in the year? So clutch. :yay:

5420692 Indeed, you clever sausage.

Very laughing. Such upvote. Wow.

very funny, much laugh, wow

I refuse to fav and upvote this madness.

5420373 much h8 very rage wow


I see someone that has flunked English.

Comment posted by SwaggyPie deleted Dec 27th, 2014

5424862 insert ultimate no compilation.


It wasn't funny.

Comment posted by SwaggyPie deleted Dec 27th, 2014

I arrived here just in time bump the Like count up to 55.

Wait a second... did I just reference an obscure 4chan meme?

Dear God... this fic is affecting me!:raritydespair:


Wait, did I just use a hashtag?

Sweet Lord of Butter, it's affecting me too! :raritycry:

You wrote this because you couldn't resist the pun, could you? :moustache:

This was brilliant :rainbowlaugh:
I've just recorded a reading of this fic. It will be up on the first of the year.

5441979 It's going up right now!

This story is hilarious! :pinkiehappy:
Especially the stuff Adogeio was saying! :pinkiehappy:
I saw some mistakes, like the "too" should be "to", in the very first sentence, but those mistakes detract from the marvel that is this story! :pinkiehappy:
You have earned yourself a like, a fave, and a follow. Have a wonderful day. :twilightsmile:

5489448 No problem! :pinkiehappy:
Also, I just noticed your Author's Note... :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Adogio Dazzle is best Dazzling. :rainbowwild:

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