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All of the Above

I'm a failed artist.


When Octavia returns from the store with some Candy, she discovers that Vinyl Scratch has a very interesting way of decorating for Nightmare Night.

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Goku finds himself in the land of Equestria, where he soon meets up with the Mane 6. They join forces in order to stop a powerful new villain. But is there something going on that none of them are aware of?

Co-writer, as usual, is Doom Trot.

I urge you to actually read the story through. Then you can dislike it.

Guys. I'm really happy with the negative response this has gotten. It reminds me that you guys will never change. Thank you!

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Amidst the frustration of an essay, Rainbow Dash finds herself frustrated. Unfortunate lead to the burning down of Cloudsdale. Hijinks ensue.

In collaboration with Doom Trot.

We're sorry.

We're not sorry.

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Sweetie Belle stumbles upon Apple Boom, alone and crying in the forest.

Super big thanks to Doom Trot!

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Usually, your heart's desire will never be yours without hard work and unwavering dedication.  Occasionally, it will fall right in your lap.

Special thanks to Doom Trot or helping out with this story. He's been a big help, so give him all the follows you can give.

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Applejack doesn't wake up in her bed. Applejack doesn't find a tinge of familiarity when she opens her eyes. The only thing that seems familiar is the pancakes sizzling in the kitchen. But even those smell different.

The only one in the house is a stallion she doesn't know.

As the days go on, her roommate seems more and more like a friend.

And more and more like a threat to her own life.

Story title may change.

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This story is a sequel to Sacrosanct

Sonata is a taco obsessed pony, Adagio has a dog on her face, and her apartment seems to be in shackles. To rectify this problem, Aria goes to the last person she wants to see.

The exciting conclusion to the "Can't Explain" series.

Oh, and Doom Trot was made just as insane as I am helping me with this.

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This story is a sequel to Omnomnipotent 2: The Sesame Crusades

The Equestria Girls somehow convince Cookie Monster that KKK stands for Krazy Kookie Klub. He joins immediately.

By the way, Cookie Monster is still a god. So he makes some changes.

Co-written by dOOm TroT

He says he doesn't want his name on this one. So I edited it. He's proud of me.

If you're racially sensitive, this story is not for you. This was a story made for comedy, and nothing else. I mean no harm to any races I may offend with this story. Like the 5K.

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This story is a sequel to Omnomnipotent

Inexplicably, more muppets are now Gods as well. And once again, the Equestria Girls universe must face the consequences that They will bring.

Co-written with DEEM TRET

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His friend pointed her out. He was looking around and spotted an orange rainforest in a busy group of people. And after he started staring at it, he couldn't stop.

And then he found himself sitting across from the girl with the really big hair. Was she angry? Was she upset? He had no idea, he couldn't stop staring at her hair.

Read the story that inspired this story!

Dazzled by Pennington Inkwell. It's a lot better than my story, and deserves a lot more likes than it does.

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