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I'm a personal friend of another Element Gang writer and I'm helping him spread it to Fimfiction


The Element Gang is back in all-new adventures! Almost a month has passed since the Element Gang had defeated Discord the Lord of Chaos and much has changed in the heroes' lives, especially for Dusk. Along with the Element Gang secret being revealed to all of Equestria and now having everypony know he is El Dragon, Dusk is now the seventh Element of Harmony and he now haves new responsibilities as well as new opportunities opened up to him. One of said opportunities being that has begun his education under the teachings of Princess Celestia's younger sister Luna, allowing him to expand his magic. That is, if he can handle what the Princess will teach him. Another change with him is his relationship with one certain unicorn for he always thought would accept him. At long last, Dusk has taken his friendship with Twilight Sparkle to the next level, but that is only the first step. Along with the magic of friendship, Dusk and Twilight will have to learn about the magic of romance. But not everything is as perfect as it seems. Now that all of Equestria knows who the Element Gang are, the merry band of friends are going to have to face all sorts of problems. With new friends to meet, new lessons to learn, new powers to unlock, and more, it's anypony's guess on what the Element Gang will discover.

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Good story, would like to know if or when it gets finished though.

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