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Power of Six

I'm a personal friend of another Element Gang writer and I'm helping him spread it to Fimfiction


Here is a sample of a new Element Gang series I'll be writing, Element Gang: Slugterra. This will be the story of where the Equestria Girls magic power came from and what it is known only as part of an ancient legend known only to the Element Gang, a legend that goes long before the first Element Gang ever existed.

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I love this show

I don't quite see how this is related to Slugterra, at all. Right now it seems like false advertising. This worked more as a prologue to a story proper than an actual teaser/introduction to the story.

To tell you the truth, this story is just something I came up on the fly from the mentions of it in the actual story, the legend told differently. It relates to the story because this power is what the Equestria Girls have and it drags a villain from Slugterra up to the surface along with a hero who went to Slugterra from the surface and had to return to the surface to stop this villain.

Are you a continue to story?

I'm at a family reunion and won't be able to work on any stories until Monday. So you'll have to wait till then for any new updates.

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