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Power of Six

I'm a personal friend of another Element Gang writer and I'm helping him spread it to Fimfiction


This is the story before Dusk and the Element Squad or even Twilight went to Ponyville, following their great deeds as the greatest heroes in Canterlot. But, along with them, are two rivals: Silver Blade, a pegasus who was raised in a local church, and Gold Star, the adopted son of Princess Celestia. Silver Blade and Gold Star both aim to become the Mystic King, the strongest mage in the land and the keeper of the peace. The Element Squad join them as the two stallions begin their journey to achieve their goal. What will happen with this group of friends as they begin their journey together?

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It’s finally here the official fanfic, going to enjoy my morning breakfast with this thanks ^0^ b

In another part of the city, the unicorn father of the local church was doing his evening check for the night when he heard some crying outside. When he went out there, he found a crying little foal wrapped in a red blanket lying in a wicker basket. Next to the basket was a medium sized parcel tied with thin strands of rope.

father should be capital. He's a Priest, not a parent, Priest "Fathers" should always be caps.

The burst was so strong that it caused an explosion that could be seen from the air. When the smoke cleared, me and Leon came out of hiding as we then saw Gold Star had got singed from the magic burst. He even cough up some smoke before he collapsed on the ground. Yeah, this was kind of a thing between those two. With Gold constantly proposing to Moon Dancer even when she turned him down caused a lot of emotional stress on the girl and…well, you know how we unicorns are when it comes to such things.

Should be Leon and me, and coughed.

That's just how Dusk talks. But thanks for telling me about that second grammer error.

Yeah, that was Silver Blade, the local young resident of the church. He’s been under the care of the priest even since he arrived there as just a foal. He’s got a lean figure and was pretty tall for a young stallion or any stallion for that matter. He’s about to Celestia’s shoulder to be honest. When he was old enough, the priest gave him some swords that he said were with him when the priest found him, both sheathed on that back-holster of his. He discovered he had Wind Magic when he was just a colt. I heard Gold Star yell as he got back up and watched as he ran up to Silver Blade.

Grammarly says that should be ever, priest is a title, a proper noun, it needs to be capped, like this: Priest.

Don't worry, you'll see him in the next chapter.

I then watched as Gold Star came walking over growling and with an angry look on his face, but he was slammed away halfway by an opening door. I looked to see it was the priest of the church that did that.

Needs to be capped, proper noun.

“Oh, it’s alright, Father.” Gold said to him. “I’m fine.”

Thank you.........ish

Okay, pause. I bet you’re wondering what I meant by Clover mage, right? Well, this is the name that is used for ponies who get Clover cutie marks. Clover cutie marks are very special cutie mark which allow anypony to use magic, whether they are a unicorn, Pegasus, or even an earth pony. The reason they’re called that is because, along with the mark that symbolizes the talent the pony haves, there’s a rare clover mark either inside or next to the mark to represent the magic they have. Sometimes the clover itself is the symbol of the talent, the pony having it being talented with the magic it gives. Ponies who get Clover cutie marks develop different types of magic like the four elements, light magic, even dark magic. With every Clover mage, the magic is always different and these marks are very rare. Only about 20% of the pony populace gets them. Now back with the story,

allows. Should be has.

We all waited in anticipation for the exam to begin. Me, the guys, the priest, and Sister Water Lily were up in the stands to watch Silver and Gold do the exam. It was really nerve-racking. This would be the ultimate test for Gold. I just hope he made it okay. With my super-hearing, I was able to hear some of the examinees down there talking about this. Two of them were actually talking rudely about Gold and Silver, insulting them, Gold the most. That’s what I hated the most, ponies who think they were better than anypony else, like a certain white coated cousin of Gold’s I met. I know Celestia wouldn’t like anypony talking trash about her son. Though I couldn’t focus on those insults. This was Gold Star’s moment and I couldn’t ruin it by yelling at those guys. He’s always dreamed of getting his cutie mark, his own Clover cutie mark to be exact. I have heard that many ponies actually hoped they would get a Clover cutie mark. For many ponies, it’s a life changer. Because they magic power they have isn’t just for unicorns, it’s become part of the Equestrian lifestyle. Some like to brag about how cool it looks or how detailed it is. For others, it can be their way to finally leaving home and seeing the world or to keep on a family legacy or business. Another thing that’s unique about them is that the power of the magic always keeps growing. Before it appears, ponies can be able to use basic magic formations like Silver’s cyclone sphere. Once they get the cutie mark, the doors of new opportunities are opened as they discover spells they never they had and develop even more along the way. Though the amount of power a pony always carries can vary from being weak, having a short amount of spells to achieve, complexity with the spells, having tons of spells, or having a few spells with more to come. But, with everypony who gets them, they have dreams they want to achieve in the world. Gold is one of them and quite a unique dreamer. His dream is to become the Mystic King so he can be able to make our world a place where everypony can be happy, whether they were rich, poor, a royal, a noble, a commoner, or an orphan. That’s why I always had faith in him. In a way, he was like me as I want to make a world where everypony can be happy, no matter where they came from. I then diverted my attention to the stadium box as a royal guard appeared. There was no doubt the captain of the Royal Guard. It’s customary that the captain would welcome the examinees of the yearly exam. I wasn’t able to get a close look at him, but I could see he was a white unicorn with a blue mane and blue hooves.

OK, first off, break it up a bit, please! Second, add the bolded items.

“Well, aren’t you the clever one?” Starscream said as he then created more chains and caught me and Silver. “Yes, that’s who I was before they kicked me out of their luscious ranks. Now I’m just an old thief and a legitimate businesspony.” He then turned his attention to Silver. “Only a unique pony gets a four-leaf Clover and I know a nice market where ponies would pay handsomely for somepony like you.” He then looked to me. “And don’t think you’re fooling anypony. The magic power you have will probably fetch a high price.”

I read this entire bit with Starscream in the Transformer's Prime voice.

And in the fifth…there lives the devil.

devil should be Devil.........

And, interesting chapter. Very good.

Yeah, that's actually a line from Black Clover. Have no idea why they made it like that.

Well, that's the fun in fanfics! Changing the stupidity of the source material.

Actually it's a mix of the MLP plot with the Black Clover plot into a "before MLP:DiM" story.

Sorry autocorrect. I meant "before MLP:FiM"

“I’m not giving up!” Gold Star said to me. “I’ll keep asking her till I’m old and gray! She’ll say yes eventually!”


Yeah. Thing is I gave Gold Star the personality of Asta from Black Clover. Both have the same resilience. Can you imagine them competing against each other?

No. Seeing as I never watched Black Clover. But I imagine it'd be a stand-off for the ages.

More like one of the craziest. They act just about the same.

I wonder how Silver, Dusk, and their BC counterparts would get along?

Well, Gold Star's based off Asta and Silver Blade is based off Yuno, Asta's rival. I'd say they'd get along well.

“What do you mean?” Dusk asked. “What’s settle?”


“Did he really just say that?” Dusk said to Sister Lily, confused by this.

He did.

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