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This story is a sequel to Rise of the Element Gang, Book 1: The Adventure Begins

Our heroes are back in all new adventures. Weeks after Dusk and the Element Squad save the Mane 6 from the Paraserpent with one week being after the girls threw Dusk a party, the team returns once more to see and learn just what magic and wonder friendship has in store for them. And the team has grown now that the four have finally found their final two members: Rarity and Pinkie Pie.
Dusk and his stallion friends will join the girls on their adventures and experiences with friendship’s magic, helping them along as they go, having a few of their own and learning and discovering new aspects of themselves that become open now that their friendship with the Mane 6 has begun. Along the way, they will also make new friends, face great challenges, and find out more about the magic of friendship.
But, with the beginning of their adventures, the group will now experience changes. Dusk begins to have concerns, such as wondering about his color magic. Though he haves it, but where exactly did it come from and are there others he shares it with? Twilight may be his best friend but…what’s this new feeling that he has when he’s around her now? And how will all this affect him and his team?
All of this will be explored as Equestria prepares to see the brand new Element Gang.

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this is an interesting fan-fiction i can't wait to read more of it whenever it comes out

The training area is the one from Kung Fu Panda, isn't it?

great idea to the fire dragon sign to having a crush on some pony and can't wait to see the new chapter

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