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Twilight Sparkle and her friends are called to Canterlot for the Summer Sun Celebration at request of Princess Celestia and stumble into a new and terrifying adventure with the discovery of an alien: a creature with an apparent vast intelligence and a strange case of amnesia. Now, the arrival of old friends, powerful allies and new dangers lead to a new age in Equestria- both for the better and for the worse...

Proofread and Edited by: _Demosthenes_
Image Owned by: Korbox

*This story has multiple major cross references to many famous fictions, primarily the Halo Universe, the Mass Effect Universe and the Dead Space Universe.*

Memoirs of Insanity Series:
Part I: Precursors
Part II: Time

Currently being edited and rewrote to accommodate for the new Hyperverse Canon. Chapters completed: Two*

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Okay... the first actual chapter of the story...
...the story is mainly set a month after the Royal Wedding of Captain Shining Armor and Princess Mi' Amore Cadenza...
...what bombshells shall I mention...
oh, yes, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are apart of a family, who live in each of the major cities of Equestria respectively. Their father is King... which is what makes most sense to me, thought I don't know about you :trollestia:
They also have brothers, and the order I put them in is: Prince Sirius of Stalliongrad (early 30s), Princess Celestia of Canterlot (22-24), Prince Jovian of Windsoar(21-23), Princess Luna of Hoofington |her official title|(17-19), and Prince Vulcan of Fillydelphia (14-15)
Then on top of which, they have an aunt (who I title Empress of some different land) and uncle (Emperor of *insert name here*) with families of their own... so a big family, the Galaxia's are...

and the secret message continues further... where is it... what is it... that's for ME to know and for YOU to find out...
...so what other things shall I shock y'all with... wait for the next chapter and find out...



Can u involve masterchief pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????

wait a minute... I think I told everyone it wasn't a Halo fanfic

That my friend is a steaming pile of bullshit

...if you ain't going to believe me then you can go get your kicks from another fanfiction
that does make sense, but I'm warning you right now that the "elements" of Halo will be severely lacking...
...maybe a scene or sentence or memory or two that involve Halo but everything is basically centered around the Equestrian Royal Family, the Elements of Harmony, and the Paradox Agency...:twilightsheepish: oh wait... too soon


if it includes the flood and the forerunner it is a Halo crossover

...who said it included the Flood and the Forerunners... I just have their names listed as what they call humans

Chapter 3 out now, and I probably will be posting again today. Please put creative comments....
story notes:
It's spelled Lady Zelajeb, but it's pronounced Lady Ze-laz...
...have a nice day


Hah, it would be funny if the prisoner was Julius Caesar himself. Imagine him in Equestria and all the trouble he'll cause :rainbowlaugh:


Because Neil Armstrong passed recently, I shall explain in context of when humans first landed on the moon, but the moon is instead Equestria.
"Houston, the Eagle has landed..."

Okay, this is a chapter I will label as "Interludes". All and any interlude in this story will be about the dreams and visions of the "Stranger from the Mines", as he is labeled now. Alone, they have nothing to do with the main story line, but overall they give hints and clues to the reader and him about himself. This particular one and maybe others in the future will have the references from video games and stories, this on specifically referencing the Novaya Russian Campaign in Empire Earth.

On other notes, you will not find any secret messages in the Interludes, as they are specific for the Stranger and his story, not Precursor To Humanity and that story. There is however, bigger stakes for the message. If any of you have seen on my page, there are two stories (even though that maybe shown only to me because they ain't published) but they are there, so I was thinking to myself 'how can I integrate two stories with one...' the answer I found was 'TWO BONUS CHAPTERS'!

Keep at it my peeps!


Oh, i forgot to add the picture of Kaius and Kavek... y'all should be able to figure out the reference...
I see you're trying to run and hide. Allow me to play you the song of my people...

YAY 500+ views... help me my children, get this on the board and one step closer to world domination

what? ok now i'm confused is this a crossover of...?

...can't you read? it says in the very first post that it crosses over with my fanfiction Memoirs of Insanity

What is that?
What the fu** is that?!

Empire Earth.. well that was a while ago. I'll admit to being curious as to how you're going to go about this as many 'shoot shoot' verses tend to merge badly with MLP. However Molotov is more of a humanitarian/idealist than those grizzled veterans and should hopefully mix better into this world of rainbows and cupcakes.

The story so far is nice. A mix of the classical 'humans in our past' HiE and another verse (or verses) to spice things up. Celestia and Luna come off nicely as does your OC, but Twilight and the gang seem to be lacking the sense of life that they usually carry about themselves.

As for writing style, I've by and large got no complaints. The speech flowed and the descriptions described. However the Dream sequence was choppy and whilst most Halo/CoD writers can get away with little or choppy back story I doubt that you'll be given the same licence with Empire Earth.

Regardless, if you're going to do a crossover, please clearly label it in the summary. Not everyone is willing to go through the comments, even the first one to find out about it. And provide a link. Do you know how frustrating it is to find a generic name fiction on Google?

I appreciate your words and I will take that to heart in later chapters

I shall help you reach world domination, only because I feel bad for your lack of domination..

It's still good enough! MWAHAHAHA....

this is just a note:
I will probably rewrite the interlude



I've finally done it. I fixed the First Interlude so it rolls a bit better. It is a bit shorter than the first try, but I removed the scene from "A Change of Heart" so its only "The Jewel of the East" and extra personal experience for the Stranger from the Mines.

I hope I never have to do this again.

(Molotov for President...)


This may be late, but I don't think amnesia works like that, at least to the point where you don't even realize what species you are.. The two most common types are; Retrograde and Anterograde.
Retrograde is the inability to recall specific and recent information. Those suffering from retrograde will still be able to recall general information like species, gender, country, etc. You established he can recall species when he gave her an "ironic look" when he was told he was in equestria. And he knows what a babysitter is. Meaning he knows what a baby is and who takes care of them. So he knows "things".

Anterograde is simply the inability to create new memories.

As for the other types;
Dissociative fugue: They can not recall who they are as a person/lose their personality and may create a completely new one. This type of amnesia only makes you forget what kind of person you are.

Transient global amnesia is the disruption of short-term memory and difficulty accessing long term. Those suffering a from TGA can still recall the last moments of consciousness and ingrained facts like their name and their close family.

Source amnesia is the inability to recall where you learned information. Like knowing how to build a machine, but not remembering where you learned. (I just know).

The other types of amnesia are Childhood, drug induced, or only lasts an hour. so those can't be the case here.
The type of amnesia you propose is basically completely resetting someones mind, then giving them only the necessary memories to function as an adult. Something that I think would be either impossible or would require outside help (they were about to kill him, no reason to do such a thing.)

Not being able to recall species/name/not knowing you have fingers is impossible.

I appreciate the input for future references. But also, I talked about how he got the amnesia. At the end of this chapter HERE, he briefly ponders on how his enemy could create a spell to do that to him and "gives him a hand" to his determination.
As for the reason why, when they were also planning on killing him, there is another explanation from that and it hasn't been reached or discussed in the story yet, so that'll come up again later on.

“By the Marker...”

Gods help us...

im slightly confused on all that LOL

wow what just happened

:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: It has been done!!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:
6'000 total views...
thank you all so very kindly

Fimfiction appears to have eaten your response to my last comment

The response was simply that I was removing the chapter and just skipping it because it was unnecessary. If you like the story, but hated the chapter... I agree with you and will be writing the next one

2887426 Oh, I hadn't gotten that far. I stopped short of the 2nd Interlude because all the cross references to other franchises was a bit convoluted to read

Ah, well I'm sorry that the story wasn't for you then

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Celestia, Celestia! Never tell someone to 'prove it'!

fuckin deadspace

Is the reader supposed to be extremely confused? Because I certainly am. :derpyderp2:

Humanized in featured box? And it's not clop? Color me intrigued.

Not the eye poke machine! Don't you remember why Odin has only one eye?

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