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Hi there. So, I'm a writer & proof reader! Do you need one? DM me and maybe I can help! Maybe support me and buy me a Ko-Fi if you wanna? https://ko-fi.com/dekaskittalz


Discord? · 6:29pm Sep 19th, 2020

Normally I wouldn't even consider this but a random conversation I had got me curious. If I made a discord server, how many of y'all would join it?

(Not explicitly saying I am, just trying to see how much interest there would be in such a thing if any at all. From there I'll decide if I will make one or not)


...WHAT? · 8:47am Aug 2nd, 2020

... excuse me? EXCUSE ME? what did I do to deserve this? i mean, holy hell, thanks.


Status report. · 3:19pm Feb 4th, 2020

First off, I'd like to apologize for this taking so long. I've got allot on my plate recently, including but not limited to an impending eviction notice, (haven't gotten one yet, but the landlord wants to sell the house)

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Much needed update. · 3:08pm Aug 7th, 2019

alrighty! been a while hasn't it? what, 2-3 months now? for that, I apologize. I have a couple reasons, and they are as follows. honestly, I was busy trying to survive. it's tough livin in a broken home, and i needed to take some time to get it sorted out, which by the end of that, left me drained. on top of which, a friend of mine kinda ditched me at that time, but thankfully we're friends again, so not gonna say much about that. all this is happening throughout the summer, so me, as still a

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Swearing · 9:42pm May 12th, 2019

Alright, here's the deal. I said in the previous chapter, that i read every single comment. I do, and I hear you all. You want more swearing, and I'm happy to oblige! Just kidding. A number of you are saying that Null swears too much, so I'll put a vote for y'all.



update 2. · 7:35am Jan 8th, 2019

alrighty! so couple of things. first and foremost, my computer came along nicely. i did it all myself (im so proud! meh.) however, a few complications arose from it. i found out my heat sync for my processor kinda dangles because one of the prongs that hold it in place is missing. so i need to do something about that, but for now the temporary fix is to prop it up with a book. (terrible idea, i know, but its only til i figure something out. no point in buying a new heat sync if the one i have

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update. · 3:44pm Jan 3rd, 2019

hello and salutations to all who bother to read this.

i just wanted to give an update and let ya'll know what the dealio is with 1000 Years.

first off, the story isnt dead or on hiatus. it is still my full focus, and will be until it's complete.

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Ideas · 8:35pm Nov 23rd, 2018

ya'll ever just have ideas churning in your head but you just cant use them because its just not time yet? god its so annoying. ive got ideas for my story "1000 Years", but i can't do anything with them. its just not time. how would you deal with these troubles?

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