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I proofread good stories.

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Comment posted by Widow Peak deleted Jan 25th, 2021

Thanks so much for the input thus far. I really appreciate help like that. I've caught up to your latest comment.

Cool. I'll certainly keep in touch. I am dissatisfied with earlier chapters, so I have already improved/edited chapters 1-3 further for repairs, and am starting in on chapter four. Biggest problem with that one is that the flashback, though cute, could be considered entirely unnecessary to the plot. Wondering if I should just make it a side story entirely so it doesn't disengage the reader so much from what is going on in the modern day portion. Still wondering about it. Appreciate any input you give, such is valuable from an attentive reader!

Hey! Yes I did just find it! I will give it a look over as I read, so expect a lot of comments for improvement. After I finish that, consider your future chapters proofed. My comments on fimfiction will be about what you could expect for future chapter proofing.

I will contact you when I catch up with what you've already written. At that point, I can get in touch with you via Discord and edit whatever you have for me.

Have a good day!

Evening! I see you are now tracking The Amulet of Shades...
Two questions: 1)did you just find it? and 2)could I interest you in proof-reading future chapters? Seeing you proofread 'good' stories, hoping mine meets that criteria?:unsuresweetie:

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