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Spitfire is best pone, Rarity is worst, and no, I'm not changing my mind.

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Why I wrote Troubled Griffs · 5:47am February 7th

I did promise a blog about Troubled Griffs.

So, here goes.

Troubled Griffs was originally written for the basic contest I hosted in Quills and Sofas, with the prompt "Just breathe, we'll be okay". Even before the contest launched, I had a vision in my head that involved Gallus discovering that he was polyamorous and going to Trixie in order to cope with the feelings. They'd talk and Gallus would eventually come to terms with his sexuality.

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Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against the Princesses!

Thanks for the favorite!

Spitfire is best pone, Rarity is worst

I have never felt more conflicted over whether I should like someone :rainbowderp:

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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