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Music has been a constant in Luna's life. Before her banishment, she'd spent hours conversing with composers about their works, and even tried her hoof at composition herself.

As it turns out, being trapped in your own mind with a power crazed lunatic bent on eternal night doesn't leave much room for music.

Maybe a good old fashioned symphony, a walk, and some company can reignite that spark, or at least give it to someone else.

Cover art by Sirena-Art on Deviantart

This was written for NaiadSagalotaOar as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

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Thanks for writing this! I enjoyed the banter bits a fair bit, and Luna reminiscing over the composer was a lovely idea (Was Przewalski a pun or reference or something, by the way? I'd have assumed he was entirely fictional, but he was mentioned alongside Beethooven). I do also like the idea of that last scene, though I feel like it was a little hamstrung by Luna and Octavia's conversation being referenced instead of shown--and muddled further by how the description refers to Luna being the one who wants to make music but lacks the inspiration or whatever, but then that's, as far as I can tell, not a thing in the story and it's relegated to Octavia instead.

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