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A side story that happens at the same time that Moonlight with a Fiery Passion. I recommend that you read that one too for certain key parts of this story. And if not for the story at least as recommendation its a nice story. Here is the link


Be the ruler of the skies is not something that one could consider easy or simple, in fact like any other job, it demands full compromised, and a strong will to face anything and everything the world can and will throw at you. Yet despite its negatives, its rewards are way more than worthy, in the shape of a drop death gorgeous wife, an awesome son and two adorable daughter who's cuteness could easily bring diabetes to the strongest of stallions.

So when a prophesy threatens to break this family apart there is little than a king isn't willing to do or sacrifice if it means the safety of his family and his kingdom.

This is my first story in collaboration with another creator, without human…ish, do not worry everything will be explain, as the story progress.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 3 )

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I haven't though about it. But after some thinking I think I have something for some of the cast.

For Reverb: Kira Tozer
Lumina: Kath Soucie
Dawn: Eileen Stevens
Hera: Cheryl Chase
And Starburst: Also Kath Soucie.

I will send you the male cast once I got it clear

Captain Kaiser would totally be voiced by either Danny Masterson or the english VA for Goku.

And yes, I'm personally attached to that one since he's my OC.

Good job on doing him some justice, Ace.

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