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The daily lives of the royal princesses, often times is pretty simple. Wake up, raise or lower their celestial bodies, hold court, meetings, sleep, and repeat. Oh, and dealing with their infuriating nephew! Overall, things aren't all that easy for them but it's manageable and mundane.

But when an innocent wish came true, both sisters are now facing a new Blueblood. One that can be considered better, yet for some reason, this version seems to have forgotten how magic works and keeps looking at the world like a newborn baby.

So what happens now? Did their wish actually come true? Is it some sort of act? Has he been replaced by a changeling? And what does this new Blueblood mean for Equestria?

Only one thing is for sure, shenanigans will appear and a lot of ponies are about to spit their coffee. Look out Equestria! There is a new Blueblood on the loose, and this one might actually be worthy of the title 'Prince'.

The 'Romance' tag is for events that happen later on the chapters

Commission by: https://www.deviantart.com/estefanoida/art/Masked-Man-Rotation-781069129

SirReal ( https://www.fimfiction.net/user/238433/SirReal )
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Arstotzka-Pon ( https://www.fimfiction.net/user/302802/Arstotzka-Pon )
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Nocturnas (https://www.fimfiction.net/user/292418/Nocturnas)
Thank you so much for giving me a hand!
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Now with a Russian version!
Link: https://ficbook.net/readfic/8253964
By: Mariness

I made this out of curiosity and intrigue, so there is no need to take too seriously. This takes place during season 8 before Spike got his wings.

Rated ‘Teen’ for language, mild violence, and graphic depiction of cuddling. Ratings could change at any moment depending on how the story progresses.

Chapters (61)

A side story that happens at the same time that Moonlight with a Fiery Passion. I recommend that you read that one too for certain key parts of this story. And if not for the story at least as recommendation its a nice story. Here is the link


Be the ruler of the skies is not something that one could consider easy or simple, in fact like any other job, it demands full compromised, and a strong will to face anything and everything the world can and will throw at you. Yet despite its negatives, its rewards are way more than worthy, in the shape of a drop death gorgeous wife, an awesome son and two adorable daughter who's cuteness could easily bring diabetes to the strongest of stallions.

So when a prophesy threatens to break this family apart there is little than a king isn't willing to do or sacrifice if it means the safety of his family and his kingdom.

This is my first story in collaboration with another creator, without human…ish, do not worry everything will be explain, as the story progress.

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Have you ever wonder, what are the portals that connect with Equestria are made off? What mysteries hold such an inusual means of transportation? And more important, what or who keep the road clean and ensure that all and every adventure starts properly and without a hitch?

Well what if I told that, all of that can be thanks to a certain structure safely build inside say portals and who important is crucial for billions of stories continue or even start? This is the story that tell the tale of such magical place one who owner constantly change, and to the misfortune of certain elements of harmony, a place that they will soon discover.

There a mysteries of the unknown that are better left unanswered, but perhaps this story will help show some light into those questions, or at the very least give you a small peek into the nature of the legendary vortex that connect other worlds.

I make this short one shot in hopes of helping writers on the page, if you have a mental block or don't know how to start your story, you are free to used this one as reference. I only ask to please send me a PM informing me of your wish to used it and I will try to help you build a nice base.

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This story is a sequel to For the hive, my mom and myself

After the events that transpire in Canterlot and Ponyville, peace has being restore and life has return to the normality that its used to be. But to prince Kabuto (now re name Caeruleo) the nightmare is far from over. Consume by guilt and remorse, Caeruleo must find a way to atone for his self proclaim sins if he ever wish to rest peacefully again.

Luckily for him the rulers of the lands as well as the main six will have his back whenever he liked it or not

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After her defeat in Canterlot at the hands of the newly wed prince and princess of love, Queen Chrysalis has being plotting her revenge, not only to them but to all the ones that humiliated her.

The question is 'how?', in the past she was only able to best Celestia thanks to Shining love, and now not only is he better prepared for any other attempt she tries, but also there is the problem of Twilight and her friends, who seem to be getting stronger by the minute. The queen was running out of options when suddenly an ingenious idea cross her mind.

The elements might be one formidable power, but in no way, are they the ONLY source. The waste lands hold many secrets that no one besides her know, and with the right materials she can easily bring something Equestria has never seeing before…or should she say someone?

Edited by: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/camoblackhawk

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