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More of an artist than a writer XP Might as well give it a shot though, right?

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Anthea, the adopted daughter of Fluttershy, finally gets to spend the entire day with her new coltfriend, Turquoise Blitz. However, their fun day is cut short by a storm that hits Ponyville. Not being able to get home because of the storm, Turquoise spends the night and helps Annie overcome her fear of the dark.


Look! I actually wrote another story. For those who don't watch me on deviantART or aren't familiar with these Next Gen characters, I highly suggest you check out their bios first. You don't need to but I feel like it'll make the story more enjoyable.

Bios for Anthea and Turquoise Blitz

If you like this story or at leas the characters, check out more stories about them in this group!


(Feedback on my writing in general is greatly appreciated. It's definitely something I'd love to improve on.)

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Fuzzy, blurry patches of color. That's all I can see. I wouldn't even call it "seeing". It's quite sad to be honest. Being pretty much blind makes me feel so helpless sometimes. My parents must've thought I was pretty helpless too for them to leave me. I think everyone thinks I'm helpless to some extent. I was so sheltered during my life at the orphanage. I admit, it was nice being taken care of and knowing that I was safe. But I wanted to be more than that filly who would just stay in her room all day, waiting for something interesting to happen in her life. I wanted to take action and prove I was anything but helpless. That lead me to do something no one saw coming...

Chapters (1)