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Heads or Tails...


On the final day of the traveling carnival, Big Mac decides to ask Fluttershy, however, he needs someone to give him a hand.

That's were Flash Sentry comes in.

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Comments ( 10 )

Nice story. Sweet, simple and makes sure to address what needed to be addressed in a situation like this. I give it an A.

What a nice story. I'll definitely give you an upvote.

Great story, love me some FlashLight. But one question, what the fuck was with Sunset and Bulk going after a serial killer?! Context!

Came to see how Big Mac could fair, stayed for the FlashLight. I regret nothing.

One mystery remains. What the hell did Rainbow Dash and Soarin did in the lock-oh.........they did some "things" in there nevermind.
Maybe Twilight and Flash might do an "experiment" in the lab.

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