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  • 32 weeks
    Long time, no see!

    So, yeah. It's been a while. I've been busy with life stuff, job stuff, and working on some other things, including a new project... Which is what I want to talk about.

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  • 50 weeks
    It's kinda weird...

    I thought I'd be sadder when MLP's finale got here.
    But, I'm not.

    I mean, I'm kinda sad, but not as sad as when OK KO ended.
    Maybe it's because I saw the spoilers already.
    Maybe it's because Gen five is right around the corner.
    Maybe it's because, despite the ending, the fandom is going to live on.

    Or maybe it's because I've long since abandoned canon in place of my own.


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  • 50 weeks

    I've been watching a lot of Devil May Cry related videos(mainly about 5) and I've always had this interest in writing a story where Flash Sentry is half-demon.
    I don't think this is by accident...

    Also, listening to Silver Bullet and watching the Nero vs Vergil battle caused this exchange.

    Flash Sentry: Feeling accepting yet!?

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  • 52 weeks

    So. got my laptop up and running again.

    Also, been busy with job-related stuff.
    Gonna try and be more active here. Working on a fic right now.

    That's all.

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  • 98 weeks
    This account's not dead, but I am inside.

    That's all.

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Long time, no see! · 10:47am February 15th

So, yeah. It's been a while. I've been busy with life stuff, job stuff, and working on some other things, including a new project... Which is what I want to talk about.

So, I've been working on the outline for this new fic, called "Dream Catchers". An EQG alternate continuity story about EQG changelings who have evolved into a new species called Nitemares. I'm currently on chapter 16 of the outline and am really proud of what I've made... however...

The more I wrote this, the more I came to realize that... this doesn't really work as a fanfiction. So, I've opted to make it into a comic. But, until I have a more stable form of income(and the first arc is complete) I'm not going to look for an artist just yet(I do have a few in mind, however).

Now, for some of you, this may sound familiar to the thing with Hunters some years ago. But, I've learned from that and am pacing myself. Along with Dream Catchers, I'm working on a mini-story for a crossover AU known as the "Thiccverse"(It's not totally what you think it is) and a retrospective of the Yugioh animes(All six of them, plus the manga for Duel Monsters/The first series) along with looking for a job and just getting out more.

So, yeah... I do have another one-shot that's done and just needs to be edited. But, after that... I'm not sure. I don't think I'm going to be very active on here anymore. Maybe I'll pop in ever now and then, but as far as uploading content? That's... not clear.

For those of you wondering, I'm a bit more active on Twitter and way more active on Discord(mainly in groups), so I'll leave a link to the former and a link to the Flash Sentry Discord(aka, the server I run and spend alot of time on. Even if it is dead alot of the time).

So, yeah... Guess that's it. I'm sorry to those who were hoping for another long fic, but changing the medium for Dream Catchers was for the best, I think.

To all of you who have stuck it out with me over these past few years, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support. I hope some of you can continue to do so for all my future endeavors.

This is Silver and I'll see you on the flip side.



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