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What happened a thousand years ago when Princess Luna turned into Nightmare Moon? And what happened in the present when she tried to seize power again? What was going through her head the whole time?

Told from Princess Luna's/Nightmare Moon's perspective, here is a look at both her fall and her return. Beginning a thousand years ago, we follow her all the way up through her fight against the Mane 6 and her reconciliation with her sister.

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6543882 Thank you for the feedback. I had a hard time writing Luna's shifting nature, so I'm glad that part came all right. One thing that's always seemed to be a problem with the pilot episodes is why Nightmare Moon didn't attack the Mane 6 more decisively, so I wanted to look at why she might have made those challenges instead of just blasting them all.

I liked it. You did a great job of transitioning through the chapters, chapters that seemed to be put in as diary entries or something of the sort. Either way, you did a good job on the point of view and how it tird with the first episode.

6566587 Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

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