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"I've known since I got my cutie mark that my talent is getting other ponies to do what I want."

It's an unusual talent: one that has potential for great selfishness but also for great leadership. Diamond Tiara doesn't recognize that potential yet. She wouldn't even understand it if she saw it. All she knows is that there's something she wants.

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Very good. Not quite head canon worth, but definitely going on my favourites list.

Pretty good, a likely story about how she got her cutie mark.

6849745 The first link you provided was interesting, but the second one was about comic books. Was that an error?

Thanks for the info. I admit I don't know much about the economics of precious stones. My idea wasn't so much that Diamond Tiara actually knew what she was talking about (she wasn't sure about "depreciate") as that she was showing her father that she was trying. Still, I appreciate learning more about it.

On the other hoof, in Equestria you can apparently offer a large emerald for a day of pet-sitting and buy an industrial-strength dog hair dryer for a tiny little gem shard, a rusty old pie tin costs the same as a brooch, and a salespony will stand at a stall in a market to sell a single cherry. Their monetary system is pretty wacky. :derpytongue2:


Diamond is more or less a comic book distribution monopoly that fixes the price and availability of certain products within a market, and operates a legalized racket not unlike De Beers.

Dude/tte, I admire the level of detail you put into the story and how well you merge the two episodes of the series. However there are some minor setbacks I like to call "writing fears." In the show, the writers managed to give Diamond Tiara a flowing back story that continues to grow. However the biggest setbacks when she's on screen is the lack of personality. It's no different in fanfictions. On that end, I want to ask a few questions and maybe understand your thought process on a couple of things. How would Diamond Tiara interact with her father and Oval Cut? What would you say is her interest after getting her cutie mark? Jewelry or leadership? As a writer, what kind of pony is she to you? How do you view her relationships? Am I asking too many questions?

6859417 I'm a Dudette :)

Thank you for the helpful feedback and questions. And no, you're not asking too many questions; I love questions!

How would Diamond Tiara interact with her father and Oval Cut?
I see Diamond Tiara as the sort of kid who's bratty when she can get away with it but behaves herself if she can't. We saw that her father did force her to make up for insulting Granny Smith, and she was worried by Babs' threat to tell her mother on her. As such, she probably minds her manners with her parents and their friends. The bullying of other fillies is probably only done when she thinks there won't be any consequences.

What would you say is her interest after getting her cutie mark? Jewelry or leadership?
I think that immediately after getting her mark her interests were still undefined. From the way she spoke in the CMC's clubhouse during "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" it seems like she was still struggling with her mark. She understood what her talent was, but not why she had it or what she was supposed to do with it. It wasn't until the end of that episode that she realized it gave her the capacity to be a leader.
My idea in writing this story is that she lacks the insight and maturity to understand her mark. In order to get others to do what you want you need to be introspective enough to know what you want. Diamond Tiara only recognizes surface issues at this point. The tiara is what she wanted on a superficial level, but what she really wanted deep down was for her father to be proud of her. Her mark appeared when she got her father to give her both things that she wanted. However, she only recognized half the reason (the tiara), which is why she was still feeling lost and confused until she was able to understand and deal with her deeper feelings by confronting her mother.

As a writer, what kind of pony is she to you? How do you view her relationships?
I see her as somepony who is immature, spoiled, and weighed down by the sense of her parents expectations. Parents who alternate between spoiling their children and being demanding usually cause their kids to feel both stressed and entitled, which can easily lead to bullying behavior. It's a way to build up her own ego as well as vent her frustrations. Also, kids in that situation don't usually have a clear sense of boundaries. She probably knows when she can get away with bad behavior but not why the consequences are inconsistent. The bullying is also an easy way to get other ponies to do what she wants, and she needs to learn more positive, productive methods. (I tried to make her view it as incidental, just a convenient way of winning the election to please her mother without any understanding of why it's wrong.)
I had the hardest time writing her mother. I thought the show made her way too stereotypical and over-the top. So I tried to tone her down a bit while still staying consistent with the show's canon. Filthy Rich was easier because he seems to be less aware that he is causing his daughter stress. He loves her, but he has very high expectations. That's a very realistic problem that I've seen in parents who think they are just doing what's necessary to motivate their kids to success.

6861462 Thanks for answering my questions. Given my love for the written media, I'm trying to learn as much as I can so that I may write my own stories on this site. Thanks again.

6862081 You're welcome! I'm not a very experienced writer myself, but it's great when people can help each other out.

A delightful Diamond Tiara cutie mark origin story. Clearly her parents love her. :heart::heart:

And her mom and dad weren't even here.

I'm a little late to the party, sure.. Just wanted to say I loved the bittersweet note this struck. Diamond finds that she can get her way by being what she's expected to be, I suppose-- Maybe to both parents, in a way. Very well written, thank you for this excellent story!

7356250 Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Looks like I forgot to comment on this before, but I found it thoughtful, fitting, and very good at perspective. It seems very befitting of how you'd think ponies in general would get their cutie marks, taking that "first step" towards honing their greatest skill. After most all of Diamond Tiara's episodes went for over-the-top impact, something more down to earth and nuanced feels refreshing ^_^ Nice use of the tiara too.

This was amazingly well written, even if it was slightly rushed at the end!

Guess this one was pre-Lost Mark? ^^’
Although I’d say you predicted spoiled rich, I don’t think it was too much of a stretch to think her mother would of been something like that
Also neat! *looks at the comments* A second opinion! :pinkiehappy:

I wrote this after Crusaders of the Lost Mark, so Diamond's mother here is based on how she appeared in the show. However, the story is set shortly before Call of the Cutie, when we see Diamond having her cuteceanera.

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