• Published 6th Jun 2018
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School Recruitment - Calliope Pony

Before opening her School of Friendship Twilight needs to recruit students from Equestria and beyond. Luckily, her friends are there to help.

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Twilight had asked her friends to meet her at 10:00 sharp. A strict believer in punctuality, she had herself, Spike, and Starlight ready and waiting at a quarter of the hour. Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy all wandered in over the next ten minutes and took their seats.

“Hey there, Twilight,” greeted Applejack. “What’d you call us down here for? More plannin’ fer this school you’re gonna open?”

“Yes, that’s exactly why I asked you to come this morning, but let’s wait until everypony’s here to get started.”

“To get started with what?” Pinkie Pie burst into the room. “A party? A cupcake eating contest? Ooh! Ooh! A Let’s-invite-everyone-over-to-Twilight’s-castle-to-play-guessing-games-and-see-who-can-come-up-with-the-most-ideas-of-things-to-get-started competition?”

“Er… no. It’s just planning for my new school. I’ll tell you my latest progress as soon as Rainbow Dash gets here.”

Rainbow Dash appeared to be taking her sweet time. The ponies relaxed and chatted as the minutes ticked by. Finally, a streak of rainbow light swooshed into the room.

“Nice of you to join us, Rainbow,” Applejack smirked.

“Hey, it’s not my fault. I was very busy.”

“Busy doin’ what? Oversleepin’?”

“Ye- I mean, NO!”

“Girls.” Twilight’s voice held a mild reproof, and both mares rolled their eyes at each other before quieting down. “I have something very important I want to discuss with all of you, and we’re already seven minutes late, so let’s get started.”

Rainbow joined the others. Spike took that as his cue to set a sheaf of notes on the table in front of Twilight. Then he got a fresh scroll and held his quill ready to take notes on the meeting. Seeing that everything was in order, Twilight began.

“As you all know, I’ve decided to open a school of friendship, where ponies and lots of other creatures can come to study harmony and learn the magic of friendship. Things are progressing very nicely so far. I’ve been studying the EEA handbook and preparing a curriculum, and construction on the school building is nearly complete.

“However, there is a crucial component which has yet to be addressed: students! We are at a point in my schedule where we need to begin recruitment efforts.”

“Well that makes sense,” remarked Rarity dryly. “You can’t exactly have a school without students.”

“Exactly! Which is why I need all of you to help me with recruitment. Spike, Starlight, and I have already begun. Show them, Starlight.”

Starlight picked up a pile of brochures and passed them out. Twilight waited for a few minutes for them to look through and give their opinions. The mares admired the pictures of the new school building and grounds, and they read the neatly lettered paragraphs detailing the anticipated charms of Princess Twilight Sparkle’s School of Friendship.

After a careful perusal Rarity gave Twilight a delighted smile. “These brochures are simply lovely, darling. The new building looks stunning in these pictures, and I love the font you chose. It’s elegant yet perfectly legible.”

“And you did a good job describin’ the school, “ Applejack chimed in. “Nice and clear about all the great stuff you’re plannin’ fer yer students.”

The others nodded and murmured their agreement.

“I’m glad you all like them. But of course printing up brochures is just the first step. Now we need to spread the word. Distributing the brochures within Equestria is easy. The challenge will be recruiting in foreign lands. A crucial component of the school will be building international relationships.”

“So, you want us to go out and try to recruit students from other countries?” asked Rainbow.

Twilight nodded. “I’d like to get at least one student each from the hippogriffs, the changelings, the dragons, the griffons, and the yaks.”

At the word “yaks” Pinkie Pie let out a huge gasp.


Twilight nearly jumped out of her seat.

Pinkie pulled the ambassador ribbon Twilight had once given her out of her mane and waved it in the air. “As the official ambassador to the yaks I’m going to be the one to officially recruit in Yakyakistan, right? Officially.”

“Yes, Pinkie, I was already planning to send you to Yakyakistan to speak with Prince Rutherford and see if there are any young yaks who would like to attend the school.”

SQUEEEE!” Pinkie squealed in jubilation and fired off her party cannon.

As the confetti settled Spike puffed his chest up proudly. “And as official ambassador to the dragons, I’m going to meet with Dragon Lord Ember. And Twilight’s tagging along with me.”

Twilight rolled her eyes and smiled affectionately at Spike. “I thought it would be a good idea if we both went together. I don’t know if there are any schools in the dragon lands, so I thought that if Ember had any questions about Equestrian education I would be able to answer them. And I would love to find out how dragons educate their young.”

Starlight grinned at her mentor’s barely-contained excitement before adding her two bits to the conversation. “Twilight already asked me to go to the changeling hive to meet with Thorax. I haven’t been there since Trixie and I helped Pharynx, and it will be nice to see how he’s doing.”

Twilight glanced down at her notes before turning to face Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow, I’d like you to go to Griffonstone. I’m sure Gilda will be able to recommend any young griffons who are interested in helping to spread friendship.”

“Sure thing, Twi. Gilda and I have been penpals, but I haven’t seen her in person in a while.”

Next, Twilight turned her attention to Rarity. “Rarity, I was hoping you would go visit Queen Novo of the hippogriffs.”

“Why darling, I’d love to! The underwater city was simply spectacular, and we didn’t have any time to look around when we were there. It would have been so nice if we could have spent some time there to explore. You know, ever since then I’ve been considering a new line with an ocean motif. Underwater themes were very popular some years ago, and I would love to bring it back properly.”

Applejack glanced around the table. “Seems like you’ve got all those countries you were talkin’ about covered, Twilight. What about me ‘n Fluttershy?”

“I haven’t forgotten you, Applejack. But I do need some ponies to stay here. Like I said before, I’ll be distributing these brochures through Equestria, and I was hoping the two of you could be available to respond to ponies who want more information. Besides, I know that between your farm and Fluttershy’s animals it’s hard for the two of you to take time for travelling.”

“Thanks, Twilight.” Fluttershy smiled gratefully. “I’m happy to help when we have friendship quests, but Angel really does hate it when I have to be away for long periods of time. Besides, I have an injured turtle I’m tending in the sanctuary, and I’d rather not leave him right now.”

Applejack grinned. “You can count on us. If any ponies come askin’ Fluttershy and I’ll tell ‘em all about the school.”

Twilight looked around the room at her friends, all ready to help her make her school a success. “Thank you all so much, girls. I know that with your help we’ll recruit a fantastic freshman class.”

Author's Note:

When I saw School Daze I felt like they missed out on a lot of potential storytelling. In fact, the first part of the episode felt like a season premiere with Twilight deciding to open a school, and the later part of the episode felt like a season finale. I think they could have gotten an entire season's worth of episodes of Twilight planning and building the school and, of course, recruiting students. I would have loved if each of the Young 6 had gotten an introductory episode, so that's what I'm going to do here.

Also, I just used the Other tag because it seems there is no Young 6 tag yet, and listing them all would take too many tags. EDIT: Hooray we got a Young 6 tag! I'm still keeping the Other tag because there are other characters who feature in the stories.

There are a few contradictions of the canon, mainly that in the show the non-pony students came as a surprise to Twilight's friends, and in this story they meet the students early on. However, I didn't feel these differences were significant enough to merit an Alt. U. tag.