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Twilight wants to open her school to spread friendship between ponies and all the other creatures she has met on her travels. So before the school can open she must send her friends as ambassadors to find creatures who are willing to learn the magic of friendship.

This story takes place during the period of time covered in School Daze when Twilight is planning her school and trying to get EEA approval.

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Bill Cipher finds himself in the magical land of Equestria. Discord cordially invites him to tea, but unfortunately this place is only big enough for one spirit of chaos.

Contains spoilers for the Gravity Falls series finale.

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"I've known since I got my cutie mark that my talent is getting other ponies to do what I want."

It's an unusual talent: one that has potential for great selfishness but also for great leadership. Diamond Tiara doesn't recognize that potential yet. She wouldn't even understand it if she saw it. All she knows is that there's something she wants.

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What happened a thousand years ago when Princess Luna turned into Nightmare Moon? And what happened in the present when she tried to seize power again? What was going through her head the whole time?

Told from Princess Luna's/Nightmare Moon's perspective, here is a look at both her fall and her return. Beginning a thousand years ago, we follow her all the way up through her fight against the Mane 6 and her reconciliation with her sister.

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