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Twilight floated a second fritter up to her mouth when she realized the first was gone. “What is in these things?” “Mostly love. Love ‘n about three sticks of butter.”


Applejack and Twilight are good ponies. They've been dating for three months, and they both agree that some things are worth waiting for. But when Rainbow Dash brags about what she and Rarity did on their second date, it kicks off a day of questions for both couples. What do good ponies do when, and why?

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So much this.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Suddenly a Bookplayer fic out of nowhere!

And I'm more than ok with this.

TwiJack and RariDash in the same fic? :trixieshiftright:

By Bookplayer?


I wish it wasn't so late now. I really should head to bed, but I can't wait to read this. :rainbowkiss:

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Thanks so much, both of you. :heart:

I'm sneaky like that. Like a fic postin' ninja.

Go to bed... but don't forget to check it out later!

Ooh, I am so reading this. Tonight if possible. Sorry for the relatively worthless comment for the moment, but this sounds excellent, and I'm really looking forward to when I can find some free time later, now!

A lovely little story. Not that I was expecting it from you, but stuff like this is often a straw man argument for one side or the other, and it's nice to see it handled as the complex thing that it is, and something that's personal and doesn't have a right or wrong answer.

Twilight resolves romance problems with charts?


Yeah... damn my ability to see two sides of an issue, otherwise I could've gotten a good comment war going here!

And, thank you. I'm glad you like it. :ajsmug:

Aaaaaah, surprise bookplayer fic!
Aaaaaah, surprise TwiJack/RariDash!

But in all seriousness, this was a great look into two couples with very different views on love and sex, and it was pretty awesome to watch it play back and forth the way it did. Very satisfying. :heart:

“Yeah.” Dash snickered. “I bet you’re respecting her long and hard when you’re thinking about her in bed at night.”

That... doesn't really work here, Dash. :trixieshiftright:

You are brilliant, you are. :twilightsmile: Wonderful story. Thanks for posting it.

"Applejack, wonderful news, according to my calculations I love you!" :pinkiehappy:
This is probably a love song fit for Twilight, actually:

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If you guys don't think that girls can do things long and hard without a guy involved... :twilightblush:

Nopony who was dating Rainbow Dash should have buts.

Butts, on another hoof, are a different story. Especially if they're as fantastic as Rarity's. :rainbowwild:

3927517 Well, she uh, has never exactly been called a mental giant before, you know. No reason for that to change.

Loved this pretty much from the opening paragraph.

3927537 I will stay as ignorant/innocent as I want to, thank you very much!

Very nice story overall, though the TINIEST part of me wonders if you didn't handle it the way you did so that no one on either 'side' would get terribly insulted, but on the other hand... Well, it was an interesting read for sure, though I didn't get my curiosity sated quite for the why for Rares. (Though that's probably part of her backstory for her first time, how that affected her, etc, so it's fine that I don't completely get her. XD)

Would be cool if this got featured, so I'll cross my fingers.
EDIT: Derp. It already is! XD Congrats!


She's referring to the actions that are going to be long and hard, not the objects.

An absolutely wonderful read, as per usual. This is all I could think of to say, sorry for the lackluster comment.

I just realized I have never read anything by bookplayer...

Well, time to make my read later list exceed 100.

In terms of skirting the line here, I honestly wasn't trying to not step on toes... or if I was, it was because I don't like to step on the toes of people's real experiences. I know couples my age who waited until they were married, and couples who slept together on their first date (or before.) In both cases, I've seen those relationships work and fail. (If there's any difference, the only one I've noticed is that people who are waiting for marriage tend to get married a lot quicker than those who aren't... it would't be polite to speculate on the reasons for that. :duck:)

As for Rarity, that may be my mistake as a writer. What I was going for is that Rarity tries to be a lady, but it doesn't really come naturally to her. She flirts, throws herself at potential mates, manipulates ponies, and likes to indulge herself. It would be much more ladylike to wait patiently for a commitment from Dash, for true love, but she couldn't help herself. But she's worried that by not waiting, she's going to miss out on those "finer things" that are what she actually wants. So, her conversation with Dash is about Dash reminding her that love and commitment are not off the table, not even unlikely, they just aren't there yet.

I'm glad you enjoyed the fic, though! Maybe I'll do a follow up someday that goes more in depth with Rarity.

Interesting, so many comments talking about the two sides of the argument, but there is no two sides. Despite their similarities, making love and sex are two different things, this story illustrates that perfectly. Yes Rarity and Rainbow have a completely different approach to their relationship than Twilight and Applejack, but ultimately they were comparing two different things. It's any wonder they all ended up a bit confused, but at least it worked out in the end.

Very well done, The development was well worth the proximity to a dividing line between lust and love.

Keep on being awesome! :twilightsheepish:

Well, to be fair, people used to not be engaged for nearly as long as we are these days. It is a major difference in culture in more than one way, and I suspect the old-fashioned folk DO get married faster... because people used to get married faster. I mean nowadays, if someone starts dating and gets married in a year, I'm like "Wow, you crazy kids, what about waiting?" But that used to be normal - a lot of people got married within a year.

And even then, we all know the old saying, the first baby doesn't always take nine months. :trollestia:

I think it really has to do with how these things are perceived culturally, rather than the idea that they're trying to jump into bed faster. People also get divorced a lot more often these days (and divorcees are between 50% and 75% more likely to get divorced again, after having done so once), and, interestingly, for a long time, cohabitation prior to marriage increased divorce rates, but that linkage has declined in more recent years, possibly because pretty much everyone is doing it these days (apparently close to 70% of the population now does so prior to getting married). Culture isn't a static thing, and the people today aren't the same as they were fifty years ago. Heck, marriages today are more stable than marriages that started in the 1970s.

As for the story itself... I actually wasn't super enamored with it. The dialogue wasn't super punchy, and the tension didn't really get to me. I liked the idea behind the story, and noting that Applejack and Twilight were raised (though only in part in Twilight's case) by OLD PONIES is kind of amusing, and what that could mean for them in common wasn't something I'd really thought about previously (individually, I had, but not as a commonality between them). But the actual core of the story didn't grab me, the conflict didn't ever really suck me into things, the stakes never felt all that high, and I wasn't really hearing their voices in my head. I felt disconnected from it throughout, and in a few places the telling about how the ponies were feeling didn't feel right to me - not that telling was necessarily wrong, but it just didn't feel evocative enough.

TL; DR; Rawr I'm TD and I hate everything.

I think trust should be the important thing here where this issue is, I think it's a very untrustworthy thing for Rainbow to brag.

Well in this case it's true because Twilight has a horn... :ajsmug:

3928959 It's okay, TD. We all know you're a robot built during the torrid portion of a salacious affair between a Statistician and an Historian that had a Psychology hobby.

I always check the feature box before my notifications. This was in second place: So first of all congrats, second, awesome!
So I was just about to read this when I saw A Fact for Twilight in the sidebar and then I realized that it was you who posted this. I have a bad habit of reading a story without looking at who wrote it, but I guess that helps because I don't just look for popular authors.
So yeah, ninja story. I will now commence reading.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Besides the fact that it's TwiJack and RariDash, the relationship dynamics (and the dynamics between the two relationships) were fun and incredibly enjoyable to read. What you talked about here is a complex issue, and the way you handled it with both sides of the "argument" was incredibly well done. :heart:


Captain obvious here, so don't flame or shoot me.

I have to believe that as "slinky" as RD is, and apparently, so is Rarity, I have to assume that there is a lot of spelunking going on with those two, and knowing Rarity, I bet it's due to some toys as well. They're both mares after all; I expect toys, lots of cuddling and hugging, unless Rarity has enough magic for "certain things" to show up :raritywink:

Besides, I don't think it right to so blatantly tease AJ just because she and Twilight are moving in slow and steady---though there is a little bit of a point. If AJ and Twilight are comfortable with that, then if they decide to have sex with each other, it should be at their own volition, not because RD teased somepony on it.

Ironic would be that as soon as RD and Rarity got together, they break up just as quickly...while AJ and Twi get down to marrying each other.


Basically what I got from it at first glance is this:
--- Rarity and Rainbow Dash just jumped into bed, and basically had sex w/o truly being known for each other.
--- Twilight and Applejack have determined that they are in love with each other, but they want to truly know before going deeper.

Not that it's gonna say one side is better than the other, but it's important to understand what your lover wants and understands from you, and vice-versa. Some want to go all balls ahead, some want it nice and slow, and some (in Rarity's case) want to have a bit of both.

I just hope that both couples are able to stay together........and I'm gonna stop right there, because if I put in any more, it's gonna go into Spike territory, and I understand that this story was not supposed to see that angle.

RariDash is a rare one, so I was mainly intrigued to learn how that came about. Not much background info there, sadly. Still, a nice way to compare two different viewpoints on a matter. Just an all around good story that I enjoyed reading. The little rubbing from AJ towards RD at the end was the icing on the cake.

“We had sex,”

but seriously I wanna kill myself for not following you earlier, because you're a F**king Genius!

There was something satisfying about offering Twilight the apple, as it were.

Why do you think Princess Celestia loves being her teacher so much? :trollestia: (I actually think this joke works out better in a non-sexual way, but I couldn't figure out a way to phrase it that would keep everyone from drawing that conclusion first. *Shrug*.)

It got a little preachy, and I REALLY can't see Rainbow Dash and Rarity as a couple-- but the writing was pretty good. Well done. :derpyderp2:


I think you have garnered yourself another watcher. :ajsmug:
I like that this manages to look at the idea of waiting for sex or not, and despite AJ's comments at the start (which were admittedly made when provoked) it doesn't take any kind of moral high ground either way. I dare say that's a good lesson for some folks in real life.:ajsmug:

Wait, are you implying that Princess Celestia is a virgin. Seeing how as far as we know she hasn't fallen for any pony before.

This got me all sniffly.

I really like this story. Actually, come to think of it, I really like this story. It's not perfect, and I think there's some repetitive action breaking up the dialogue (e.g. an awful lot of smirking), but I like the idea of doing a more dialogue-heavy piece. I really like the characterization on Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash—all three feel pretty much dead on for romantic versions of themselves, to me. Applejack a bit less than the others for me, but I still think she's very well done and I suspect just about all my disconnect there can probably be chalked up to me having thought about her a whole lot less than you. Also, I have weird headcanon about AJ characterization. So yeah, that's probably all me. But again, I did really like all four of them, her included.

I also really liked how you handled the material. I've got friends all across the spectrum on this subject, and it was cool to see it treated so thoroughly. I think the bit that hit me the hardest here, though, was Rarity questioning herself in Chapter 2. It made me feel particularly bad for her. Pretty much constant sniffling past that point.

The biggest strength of this story, though, is the pacing. It's 8400 words, and it moves. This is some nice, efficient storytelling, and I think a lot of writers would do well to pay attention to your economy of words here. The story's pretty much just exploring its topic, not wandering off into a whole lot of other places, but it's a very solid exploration as many people have already said, and so I don't think the restricted scope hurts it at all.

This is a great story, certainly one of my two favorites I've read from you, and I'm very happy to have it in my favorites list.

Dat ending! I literally put both hands to my face and "awwed." Cute puppy videos ain't got nothin' on this story.

Also, I like how you took a normal, everyday issue and kinda delved into it from multiple angles. Which is like, your thing. You're all like, "Oh, you thought a topic like this would be boring just because it's more commonplace than rampaging hydras? Think again!"

I'm not really sure if you say that. Maybe you do and then start typing away manically - that'd be pretty great, actually.

Also also: stop writing cute Twijack. I'm determined to remain "meh" about it, but it's growing increasingly difficult because people keep writing it well. I don't want to have to alter my preconceived notions, darn it.

Anywho, rambling aside - thanks for a lovely little read. It's nice to take a jaunt through the characters' heads sometimes, and you always make it a fun trip. :twilightsmile:

That mentality is so goddam frustrating to me. This story is fairly well written though.


I'm probably speaking from personal opinion here, but I thought Rainbow Dash in this fic was kind of... grating.

Regardless, I thought it was a nice little fic. And that's all I've got to say about that.

Comment posted by Ponynumber14346 deleted Feb 13th, 2014

I very much liked the message. Want to have sex? Don't want to have sex? Do whatever you want, do what feels right.
It tingled my feels.

The only thing I found that I didn't really enjoy much was the ships were super weird. I could just never see those relationships happening.



We all know the true pairings for those in this story as follows:

Spike is obviously in this story, though Big Mac isn't.


Comment posted by Ponynumber14346 deleted Feb 13th, 2014


Oh, this is good enough in my opinion to overlook such things. He writes it so adorably.

Comment posted by Ponynumber14346 deleted Feb 13th, 2014


I hear that. I almost do that to every single story where Time Turner is Dr Whooves. Seriously, it hurts my head just reading most of them. And what's the use of coming here to read something you don't like reading?

Comment posted by Ponynumber14346 deleted Feb 13th, 2014


Can I ask you why it is you feel this is an appropriate place to be bemoaning ships you don't like/complaining about people disliking ships you do like? Do you go into coffee shops and start complaining about how you hate the taste of coffee and really want a milkshake? What exactly are you trying to accomplish here, aside from expressing your distaste over something you don't like in a public place like a petulant child?

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