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Not all scars are visible. Fluttershy was the object of countless jokes and taunts aimed at her aerial ineptitude and her close relationship with Rainbow Dash during flight school. Even now, years removed from the fillyhood traumas of her past, Ponyville's resident animal expert feels the effects. She tried to build walls to keep all of the memories at bay, but now those walls are a little too close for comfort.

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Keep writing this!!!

With a little bit of revision, it can be brilliant :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the support, I would greatly appreciate any feedback if you think there's something that can be improved upon.

I've got a rough version of chapter 2 done, with some polishing hopefully it will be up in a few days.

Very good job, Im excited for more. :pinkiesmile:

My immediate reaction to the last word: Alright! :yay: To the next ch- where is it? NO. This is, without a doubt, THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING! :raritydespair:

Not bad at all! I liked the premise, and it's slightly leaning towards dark if we're about to take a peek into Fluttershy's mind, visually.

Just one thing, though. Fluttershy sprained her hoof standing on a stool. Two problems with this scenario is that 1) Fluttershy is a pegasus, and 2) she doesn't need a stool when she could just flap her wings and fly. :applejackconfused:

Keeping a watchful eye on this. :twilightsmile: I await the next one!


Yea... when I was writing that part, in my head the scene was indoors, so I figured it would make more sense to use a step stool than try and fly around indoors. However when I finished writing it, I forgot to actually include anything that suggested the event occurred indoors.

Chapter 2 is officially up! Once again, I appreciate any feedback you can give me. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the story so far. :yay:

Very good chapter! Perhaps include a bit of a smoother transition between her dream sequences and reality. Overall it's fantastic, and I eagerly await the next chapter

Hoo hoo haha.

Man, an assertive young Fluttershy who wasn't afraid to make a dent in the clouds or start fluttering around like a hyperactive filly out of excitement has to be the most refreshing image of her I've ever had. :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, don't tell me the reason why she got so shy and awkward was because she turned out to be a weak flier. :rainbowhuh: I mean, that would suck for her, but it's also a pretty interesting development for her character. I would've hated it if Fluttershy gets bold at the drop of a hat for the sake of keeping the plot moving. It's like saying, "I've always had the balls but I'd rather the more outspoken ones do something first then fail before I step in and save the day". I always loved her for forcing herself to do something crazy-brave like standing up to her worst fear (i.e. dragons) when it laid the smack on the other five, and when she dared herself to square a look at the cockatrice to protect three scared little fillies (and most of that action had 98% risk written all over it). Bottom line: Real courage takes sacrifice. :yay:

There's also something hilarious about Rainbow Dash being outdone by Fluttershy in terms of outspokenness. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't wait for more input on Dash too. The wonderful parallel is RD working up the courage to be more honest with her feelings rather than pretending to be a macho tomcolt...or just, you know, acting like she's allergic to sappy moments between friends...and lovers. Ha! :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter, girl. The bit with Pinkie on the red alert for a parasprite infestation never fails to produce a laugh. She really should just keep the instruments at her place! I don't think the residents she borrowed them from would mind. And Twilight fits easily into the role of becoming Fluttershy's personal shrink. Rarity would just try to talk her out of it the way a close friend would, Applejack would give something akin to an "every cloud has a silver lining" speech, Pinkie would rather chase Fluttershy's demons away with lots of pep talk and idealism, and Rainbow would--whoops, nevermind. :twilightoops:

Whew, this was a long one, sorry. :twilightblush: I'm always keeping an eye out for the next chapter. Staying tuned, back to the weather reports. :twilightsmile:

I really like the story. Some ideas though: How does Fluttershy become so shy? Does the bullying drive her into a pit, making her have a panic-attack-thing in the middle of school, embarrassing her causing her to be shy? Just an idea.

Don't worry... all will be revealed in time.

Hooray for Chapter 3! It's a little longer than previous chapters, but I kept finding things that didn't quite make sense and I had to expand on them. Don't worry, the trend of adding about 1000 words per chapter won't keep going... I hope.

Well, hayseeds. I hope being in love with Dash wasn't just an idea planted into her head by Twilight, considering how everything just falls into place for Fluttershy when she's with Dash. :pinkiesad2:

Must. Read. More. :applecry:

855168 I've noticed you use the canary mare alot to describe fluttershy maybe you could use other things to describe her like the yellow mare, the pink maned pegasi, or the cream coated mare

859457 Huh... I actually just went and did a count on how many times I used it chapter 3... it was more than I expected. I will make an effort to mix it up a little, thanks.

This is a sweet story and you have even given me ideas too. Fluttershy has certainly taken a little while to see what I think she's been feeling for a little while now. I don't mind the trend of adding more words per chapter :pinkiehappy: just write as many as you need to tell the story. Fluttershy's dreamy look in her eyes when she talks about RD is a dead giveaway and I like how you linked it to spike when he thinks of Rarity.
Now all we need is for her to work herself up enough to tell Dash. But looking at the tags you have given this makes me wonder if you are going to make this a whole lot darker?

I can't wait for more. :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

A very good fic, I must add! First I thought that this fic was going to be about the abuse Fluttershy went through during Flight School, but turning it in a realistic depiction of a Shipping story?

I applaud you, good Sir!

This one is a beast of a cliffhanger.

FLAP YOUR WINGS!!!! FLAP YOUR WINGS!!!!! :fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad:

It's actually very in-character of Applejack to react that way to "fillyfooling". It holds well to her traditional and inflexible personality.

:ajbemused: "Ah don't swing that way, y'all. So putcher Rarijack story thingies back down th' well if you be pleasin'!" (No I don't have anything against that pairing :rainbowlaugh:)

I imagine this chapter had a pretty riveting plot twist. One of the surprises was that Fluttershy drinks! Surprisingly, it's not surprising to me. :unsuresweetie: Another is that Fleetfoot was a real McMeanie Pants who contributed to the harassment at school. What the fuck is with all this ostracism among the pony community regarding same-sex love? Five stallions could each start a harem with twenty mares in Equestria and they'd still be missing about several dozens more. Can't hurt to give two away to each other...or four. :twilightsheepish:

Great read. No grammar mistakes as far as I can see. Keep up the good work! :raritywink:

Wow this chapter got dark...
Now all we need is for her saviour RD to come through the door and save her. Then read the notes, then hold her tight and make the nightmares go away.

I love how in character Apple Jack is... suits her perfectly.

Keep going this story is awesome.

Damn cliffhangers! :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait for the next chapter. :scootangel:

I figured this chapter would produce this kind of reaction. On a completely unrelated note I have to go out of the country for a month and won't be able to write while abroad.

Kidding... just kidding. Chapter 5 is being worked on as we speak... err, type.

EDIT: Holy ****! I did not realize that Fleetfoot was already an established character... much less a Wonderbolt. That was just a name I pulled out of thin air while trying to come up with names for fillies and colts to be in Flight School.

So it looks like that part will be changing... mainly because my Fleetfoot was supposed to be a colt and it looks like the show's Fleetfoot is a mare. Oops.

EDIT #2: Fleetfoot has been replaced with Thunderlane (in case you're reading this after I make the change and are confused at people mentioning Fleetfoot). I had initially intended to make Thunderlane a background character in the story, mentioned but never seen in person, but with this whole "Fleetfoot is an established character" fiasco I'll just switch their spots.

Whoa. This went very dark, very fast. Seriously, I got severe feels from this; brilliant job. I'll be fascinated to see how the others react to this, and how many of them will be able to forgive her.

Also, Old Thunderhead. I C WUT U DID THAR. :twilightblush:

I hereby devote my life to the extermination of cliffhangers! :flutterrage: But seriously, this was very well done, I can see Applejack acting like that towards Lyra and Bon-Bon. I still think she's be supportive of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash though.
On another note, that't the second Fluttershy suicide I've read in two weeks. :fluttercry: ( The first being Silent Ponyville 2, which people here should give a read.)

882142 Good save! I was worried for a while there. Thunderlane, you donkey's butt! :ajbemused:

885014 Ah. I read that one too. So much :fluttercry: . Let's not forget the funnies, though. Those were hilarious. Pony praise that guy's editor. :rainbowlaugh:

"It was an accident"

...yes, I have that problem all the time. Why, one day I accidentally shrank my room to the size of a Rubik's Cube. Boy, was it tough to get to sleep that night.

Alright, Chapter 5 is finally up, the conclusion to chapter 4's horrible cliffhanger. Sorry it's a little long. I kept finding areas that needed expanding upon and before I knew it, the 4,000 word chapter had ballooned up to almost 5.500.

wow another cliffhanger....but this one is good hell it also made me lol :rainbowlaugh: keep up the good work


Yeah, this is a really awkward turn of events. I hate your cliffhanger! I like you and this story, but this cliffhanger is doing a number on me right now! :rainbowlaugh:

But like everybody else, I have to be patient and wait for your next write-up. So I will leave you to it, and tell you that Ditzy Doo topping Fluttershy in the prelims (and her dishing out pegasus trivia while making cloud muffins) is full of win on its own. :yay:

Can't wait to see the next one, seriously! I think it's about time everypony comes out of the closet. :rainbowwild::fluttershysad::trollestia:

This cliffhanger is GOLD! :pinkiehappy:

I like a good sized chapter and you certanly deliverd. Plus its more about covering everything you need to as oposed to simply hitting the word count. Good job on that btw.
One of the standing out things I liked about thier time as fillies is Derpy... She was just so funny, 'Muffin!' and flying around in circles = LOL! Derpy makes for good comedic value.

'No, I can’t tell Dash. Not yet.' Then, there Dash is in the doorway, having heard enough to know... ding ding ding. Win. I hope she plays nice with Fluttershy. They would have a better chance of suviving ponies like AJ if they were together.
Actualy... IF I remember right... there is a certan letter left out by 'Shy for her Rainbow Dash. Do we get to have that bought into it?

905644 905395 905672 Yea... I feel kind of bad ending two chapters in a row with cliffhangers... but at least this one was a good(?) cliffhanger, not like the previous chapter.

Hopefully, chapter 6 will not end in a cliffhanger... although I am still in the process of writing it, so who knows.

906052 Hey, this clifhanger is great! I just hope Dashie plays nice with 'Shy.

It occurred to me that putting yourself in dashes perspective and the ending does not look happy. I mean you are standing there and your best friend tried to commit suicide then ends up declaring her love for you.
I can't speak for dash, but my reaction would have been "I'M OUTTA HERE!"

so you're an unloyal piece of shit homophobe? because if my best friend just tried to commit suicide i dont care how gay he is for me im not an arse.

911415 While you do have the right to have a dissenting opinion, I would greatly appreciate it if you could do so without the personal attacks.

sorry its just the idea of someone abandoning their friend after they tried to commit suiced over something as silly as sexual prefrence really makes me mad.

Had nothing to do with being gay, i would have felt betrayed.

I know realize that my comment did not give off the vibe I wanted it too.
What I was trying to say was, that if my friend that I have known for over 20 (pony) years was holding in emotions and problems that we could have fixed eons ago then opted to kill herself instead of telling me about them -almost succeeding by the way- THEN tells one of my best friends and I know she won't tell me about any of this. I would have had to think about it, not just being gay, but if I can trust either of them.

I am truly sorry if i offended you in any way, I did not think about my words.

Loved the story by the way, best one I have read yet. :twilightsmile:

i see i guess it was a misunderstanding then, sorry for calling you an "unloyal piece of shit homophobe."

It's OK, I see how the comment could cause issues. It was my fault.

I'm hoping that at some point the imaginary walls crush her in a hypothetical sense and she goes truly insane. I've been hoping for some Flutterragecrashkillandburn since the start. (Sorry about the super long word. That's just how I could describe it.

Brilliant. Well described. Filled with emotion. Fluttershy and Dashie were totaly awesome. WIN!

"She was hungry for Rainbow Dash." On yes... made me wonder on how many levels she was hungry for the rainbow :rainbowkiss:

The end comfilct was great. Rarity vs Twilight in a magical slugfest. :pinkiegasp: Now that I enjoyed (not sure why exactly but you really pulled it off well). Prehaps it has something to do with me not really liking AJ... who was getting her just deserts :pinkiehappy: It felt so real. Like I could see it on my computer screen just like one of the episodes from the FIM TV series. I voice acted my fave two pegsui the whole time and they came accross as totaly awesome!
This chapter just held me in suspense the whole time. It was brilliant. I'll gladly say that again. One of my faveroute FlutterDash chapters ever! I really can't wait for more!

What more can I say except... :yay::heart::rainbowkiss: FTW!

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