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Princess Twilight Sparkle has been busy, what with dealing with supposedly reformed draconequui, restoring the ancient castle in the Everfree Forest, and making time helping the Cutie Mark Crusaders learn new skills. So when she finally gets a chance to relax, she decides to engage in her favorite pastime.


Which would be a lot easier if Rainbow Dash didn't keep showing up and sitting on her. Or near her. And now she's so busy trying to figure out what her friend is up to, that she's losing out on precious reading time!

Will Twilight ever get to finish her book? Is Rainbow Dash pulling off the most elaborate prank in Ponyville history? Will there be a surprise guest appearance by David Pownie? Regrettably the answer to the last question is no, but find out the in the thrilling story: An Inconvenient Dash!

I saw the image used for the cover art and this story just kinda creeped into my head, and refused to leave. But hey, more Twidash is always a good thing right?

The image for the cover art belongs to Strange Danger, at least according to the watermark and derpibooru tag.

New Patch 1.2
Harmony numbers have been increased 20% across all classes.
Grammar corrections provided by the wonderful Applejack-fan.
Twicon Panic Levels have been fixed to be brought in line with current Defcon numbers.
Bug fixes for the Dragonshy raid have been deployed.
New World Event: Discord's Disco Disaster- Discord is up to his old tricks, turning Ponyville and all its inhabitants into 70's disco versions of themselves. Boogie down with your favorite mare or stallion, compete in special dance themed quests, and earn the special seasonal item -Bell-bottom Bogey Pants +5-!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 117 )

This is too much TwiDash for me to handle! Oh lawd.

Okay so that's three stories posted in one day.



My favourites list grows and my TwiDash withdrawal fades.

I try to make a comment about this story. Then I see the cover image, and all that comes out is "d'aaaaaw".

Not bad. Not bad at all.

There were a handful of grammar errors sprinkled throughout, and sometimes Twi and Dash felt a little OOC, but the story was good other than that. It was an enjoyable read.

Have a thumb and a gold star.

I've seen better.


Will Twilight ever get to finish her book? Is Rainbow Dash pulling off the most elaborate prank in Ponyville history? Will there be a surprise guest appearance by David Pownie? Regrettably the answer to the last question is no.

Already I can tell I'm going to love this.

Rainbow Dash opened her mouth, before her eyes turned thoughtful. “Eh, how did we get in here, Pinkie?”
Pinkie Pie shrugged, before pulling out a picture of Golden Oaks Library, complete with it’s new wooden accessories. “Well ya got me. By all accounts it doesn’t make sense.” With that pearl of wisdom dispensed, Pinkie bounded off towards what was surely a plot thread for an entirely different story.

EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:

Somepony bring me an inhaler! I can't breathe! My chest is too tight! My heart! MY HEART!!!

Says "I've seen better"
Gives 9/10

From what I can tell, either you're ridiculously generous with your ratings, or there aren't THAT many you've seen that are allegedly better.

4538083 10/10 IGN - It's okay.

The bad news: a major broadcast news channel just convened a panel of paid experts, all of whom just publicly denied Rainbow Dash Position Change exists. Because no one has conclusively proven that anything a writer can do will make a pony alter her posture. Ever.

(On the bright side, they admitted Rainbow probably exists, but they did insist every last one of her weather alterations is a giant population-scaring falsehood.)

Based on the Inconvenient Trixie blog, amirite?


Jeez, I'm suckin' down TwiDash fics like candy over here. Truly, this is a hunger that can never be sated.

4538437 Not gonna lie. I think I'd prefer it, 'cause that shit's hilarious, but this looks pretty fun, too.

That was a sweet story, but I think Twilight was dressed as Commander Easy Glider, not General Fyreflye. Other than that, it was very good.

When one character talks for over a paragraph, each paragraph but the last one of the speech should not have end quotations.

Ever since WBHW stopped updating I've had an insatiable lust for the Twis with the Dashes.

Twidash means Rarijack and Flutterpie are free to go! Thus making Twidash the superior Dash-ship.

Well that was nice, four hundred points for the Emperor's New Groove Reference and three hundred more because I will never get tired of thinking about Reading Rainbow. Also kudos to Dashie for seducing Twilight in the most plausible way ever... through the powere of the written word... and cuddling.

This was a very enjoyable read. The only problem I had with it (admittedly a very silly one) is that it says "Chapter One" when there's only one chapter. (Yes, I'm a total dork, but it did bother me just slightly. :rainbowlaugh:)

What was she thinking? How could she even begin to think of Rainbow Dash in such a light? To imagine her ravishing her in a field, before they’d fly home and wash each other slowly and lovingly, only to get dirty once again before they went to sleep as Twilight began to caress Rainbow Dash’s toned plo-

Sweet Celestia! That is so :pinkiegasp:ing hot! :rainbowwild::heart:

That flank alone, that perfect toned flank that Twilight was pretty sure was the square root of -1, because it couldn’t be real.

Math is so sexy! :raritywink::twistnerd:

Cause Twidash one shots are good for the soul, y'know?

Yes, yes they are. Thanks for this one! *fav'd* :heart:

Just finished, and noticed you got featured. Congratulations!

But hey, more Twidash is always a good thing right?

You can never have too much TwiDash. NEVER!

This was adorable. I'd love to read more of this relationship. Fuck, even just writing little things about them being together in public, or going on adventures. I'd read it.

Haha, this was amazing. Great mix of hilarious and adorable. Three cheers and all that!

It's nice to see your name in the feed again: I enjoy your stories.

This was cute. A little strange in some spits, like you said, but still cute. Besides, I wouldn't be able to say anything anyway, after releasing A Knight in Twilight's Chambers. :rainbowlaugh:

I'll be reading the rest of your new releases shortly.

That flank alone, that perfect toned flank that Twilight was pretty sure was the square root of -1, because it couldn’t be real.

Now that's math humor.

The only problem I have with this story is the Twicon levels, if only because the DEFCON levels work the opposite way.

An Inconvenient Dash leads to an Inconvenient Truth about love

4539572 Don;t know about best but it is still on my top thirty.

but also helping her to calm down from Twicon Panic 5 all the way back down to a normal Twicon Panic 2

For the record, the lower Defcon numbers indicate a higher threat level.

Hmmm... well maybe that 6 pounds that the diagnostic spell said Twilight gained is why she is a good cushion. Pinkie is a pillow maker... :rainbowlaugh:

That was great! Bravo!

the d'aww is strong with this one :rainbowkiss::twilightblush:

This is why I read Pony.

“I’ve felt this way for a while, like right before you became a princess. When you helped fix that whole cutie mark mixup, I saw all my memories like flash in my mind. And I realized something, recently all my good memories are about you.”

I haven't seen this one used before, I like it.

She also just so happened to stick her flank right in Twilight’s face. Twilight quickly pulled her head back, fearing the worst. Surely Rainbow Dash wouldn’t pull a fart-joke...would she?

The flank is the side of the equine.

Please use dock if you intend to translate "butt" or "ass" from human to equine anatomy.
It's really distracting...

4540288 Well technically, the flank in the FiM-verse is the side of the ass, so... yeah.

Yeah... The hip :)

She also just so happened to stick her hip right in Twilight’s face.

Doesn't seem so sexy or distracting :rainbowwild:

4540348 Isn't it supposed to be sexy and distracting?

So I'm guessing that Spike and Pinkie conveniently disappeared, right? Because by all accounts, it doesn't make sense. :raritywink:

Loved the story. Cute. :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:


Given what Twi is reading there, I'm surprised there's not a Lyra in a sneak-suit peeking through the window.

Okay, so that was delightfully fluffy and funny.

"Twilight Time"

Obligatory: i.imgur.com/IDhYQP3.gif

4540288 Haunch would be better, unless she stuck the middle of her ass in Twi's face. Flanks just mean side in general (IE, flanking movement of an army is to go at the sides of another army.)

Twilight's panic attacks are adorable and Rainbow Dash's plan is equally adorable.

Twicon Panic 5 all the way back down to a normal Twicon Panic 2.

not sure if you were going for a direct reference to the US DEFCON Early warning/nuclear response protocol, but it's measured 1-5 with DEFCON 1 being the highest treat level, not DEFCON 5.

This reminds me of the Inconvenient Trixie tumblr.

4540348 I would think it more like an ass cheek but either way, I don't think it works.

Ok, yea, I laughed at this, the characterisations were pretty show-like, and hilarous when played out at eachother like this.

And with some fluff inbetween, have my like and fave!

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