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Some questions have easy answers. Why Applejack never revealed her feelings for Twilight was a question like that. When she discovers that her reasons were wrong, what she should do next seems like it should be, too. However, some questions are more difficult to answer than they first appear.

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>Bats story
Immediately commences reading.

Beautiful story. And yes, clicking the complete box on something is a satisfying thing isn't it?:twilightsmile:

A new story in the TwiJack group? And it's by BATS?!?!


EDIT: I read it. I really, really enjoyed it. It felt infinitely more realistic than most shipping stories. This is why TwiJack is my favourite. Thanks for the warm-and-fuzzy feelings, bats.

Aw, it's like me from 2014. How cute, XD

Delightfully calm and soothing. Dependable and constant.

Yeah, actually reading fanfic. Adorable. :ajsmug:

7165898 What kind of idiots actually read fanfic? Pff. Plebs.

That was a satisfying read. A nice reversal though, what with AJ being the the worrywart given her all too blunt and straightforwardness vs OCD Twilight. This was a pretty fun perspective, even if in fanfiction AJ is the worrywart type I felt this one was far more genuine and honest with her character's approach to the whole dating a friend thing.

lol I wonder what AJ really thinks of Rarity, no doubt she's probably had a few "Stupid sexy Rarity" moments when they argue. Hehe. Glad to come back to some more Bats. Your avatar reminds me that I should probably go see if my favorite blind Dashie and Crazy Twilight has updated any in the past few months if it's even still going. Love the characters and voices they do for the cast there. lol


A noble pursuit, but this Dash isn't blind, this Dash likes to rock.

That felt very... genuine. Good show.

Comment posted by Mare Imbrium deleted Apr 28th, 2016

Yayyyyyy! Been too long since I've had the pleasure of reading one of these. :pinkiehappy:

There's something truly special about the way you write TwiJack. You've done a wonderful job capturing the emotions here. :ajsmug:

Bats, you never cease to impress.

The oranges bled into purples[...]

I see what you did there. Maybe. Sometimes I read too much into things. That said, very smooth work. I read the narration with a drawl, even though AJ wasn't in charge of that department. You didn't dally, or pander, or rush. Thoroughly well done.

And now I want to ask out the girl I like, who is my best friend. I won't, but I want to. More than usual, I mean.

Shut up.

I'm a huge fan of AppleDash but I wanted to give this a shot because I love Applejack and the story came recommended. I have to say, before this story I couldn't see TwiJack as a thing, but this story changed my mind. It was really well done and very real feeling. Thanks for an enjoyable experience.

Another beauty, bats! Well done!!:twilightsmile:

This story was beautiful. A delightfully charming read.

More please.

Heya, Twilight. I had to look up how to do this whole sonnet thing, but I think I got it down all right.

You know I ain't a mare for fancy words
Or laying off when work's left to be done
My poetry won't be the best you've heard
And writing this was not exactly fun
But I had trouble saying what I feel
In letters or, worse yet, straight to your face
Because I doubted hopes could become real
But then we watched a Princess paint in space
With stars and meteors that danced with light
They fell alone, in groups, and some in pairs
We spoke aloud, and fought back thoughts of fright
And worked together, sharing fears and cares

I thank you for the truths you helped me see
As we sat there, hooves entwined, beneath the tree

I hope you see how much went into this, and into my thoughts about you and us, and how much hope and fear I still have. The hope gets stronger every day, though, and the fears fewer and farther between.

I guess that's how it's supposed to work. It's nice when it really does. Like how I finally realized how much I like looking into your eyes.

Well, that's enough out of me for now. Thanks for everything, Twilight. I'll see you tomorrow night.

Yours With love Sincerely Your friend and more,

Oh, this was really, really good. I agree with the comments above: this felt very genuine, with the anxiety and excitement and uncertainty and anticipation blending into one another.

Came for Twijack, on Bookplayer's recommendation, but it was the AJ-Dash interplay in that first scene that convinced me this was gonna be good. And it was! :twilightsmile::ajsmug:

Good stuff. Much real.

7167254 dooooo eet

So this whole story basically summed up a talk I had with my best friend last night... The parallels helped me feel a bit more solid in my own thoughts, so thanks for that, batsy.

Good story too, I guess...

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