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I am Aisha. I love Zatsune Mike =^.^=. Proud Lesbian.


Applejack has always had a thing for Twilight, but never had the nerve to admit to it under the circumstance of Twilight's royal status. Applejack knows that she is a friend that Twilight trusts, but how can she ever love a lowly farm pony such as herself? But sometimes penting up feelings can become too much, and you just have to spill it out. So she does it through what she does best; and that is farmwork.

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Nice, but a bit short it seemed. But, I still have no room whatsoever to talk right now.

Very well written and deathly cute. Although, something to keep in mind;

Use three "..." not two ".."

Use "—" not "-"

Keep writing:heart:

7156770 Thanks :pinkiehappy: I will go back and edit those additions in.

7156752 Yeah it is kinda short I wanted to make it longer but I kinda short on ideas about how I could make it longer.

Short but sweet, I loved it!

I'm a sucker for Twijack... Eh oh well


I'm dead.....the cuteness is too much to bear so....it has killed me in the cutest was possable.....a heart attack from cuteness:heart::heart: :heart:

7179582 Glad you found it cute :rainbowkiss: :ajsmug: :twilightsmile:

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