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Twilight has settled into her new castle, which now feels like a home thanks to her friends. The only problem is she's still not sleeping and still finding excuses to keep herself busy. The last few weeks had been particularly stressful. She thought that once everything calmed down her life would get back to normal, but something that happened affected her more deeply than she thought.

Rainbow Dash can tell something is wrong. She wants to know if she can help.

Editing by Formerly Committed and JetstreamGW.

Also available in Dramatic Reading form! Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 41 )

Holy shit, look who’s back! I’m looking forward to this.

Arzoo #2 · Apr 8th, 2019 · · · III ·

Twidash from bats!?

I know right? I was super excited too. We seem to frequent the same stories btw, or at least you comment in a lot of the ones I read.

Anyway, this was a very neat idea. Thank you for gracing the site with your work once again.

... Somepony else could do that again and maybe try and make it like we were never friends in the first place.”

Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. It's funny because it's true.

Ya never disappoint, bats.

khaelin04 #6 · Apr 9th, 2019 · · 4 · III ·

Read a few of your stories, and I'm glad that your doing new ones. Hope to see more soon :) I'd like to wonder what Spike thought of Dash being there all the time, I know main characters are Twi and Dash, but he lives there too. =x I bet he'd feel guilty of Twi hiding her nightmares from him.



:rainbowderp: Heavy breathing

Dang, Twilight totaly has a bad case of PTSD, and I can't blame her, this story is really good man, Keep It Up!

Shhh, shh shhh. No more words.

This is cute. :heart:

Lingo #12 · Apr 9th, 2019 · · · III ·

A Lovely little story. The romance was so... subtle. It took its time building up, but it did so naturally. It felt more genuine, not forced.
Love the fluffy shippy parts.

Where is Spike in all of this? O.o
Otherwise, such a nice story!

When you brought up the buzzsaw I laughed pretty hard, mostly because while I suspected what it actually was I mostly got caught up in the thought of someone randomly starting a chainsaw under the circumstances.

A creative mind is capable of terrifying things.

I'm not normally one to preemptively upvote, but this is bats doing TwiDash, that's about as guaranteed as you can get. :twilightsmile:

I’d like to imagine that Spike randomly walked in one morning, saw them together, and then refused to mention or inquire about it due to fearing the theoretically awkward answer.

I'm so happy, thank you for this. It's been too long without a quality twidash fic.

That was really cute and sweet. I love how naturally you had them come together.

bats, you are tied with Cloudy Skies in my book for the best TwiDash out there. I re-read Spellbound Fireflies like once a year. Would that I had more than one upvote to give.

Okay, this is not only the best Twidash story I've read this year (no offence, Kodeake), but also one of the best explanations of how alicorn magic works that I've ever seen. Twilight's reflection on the relationship between love and friendship was amazing, and it left me wondering why I took the distinction between the Princess of Love and the Princess of Friendship at face value for so long. And the payoff at the end? Pure bliss.

it's post traumatic stress disorder.

JWR #24 · Apr 11th, 2019 · · 1 · I ·

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“Nah, I still got a bit.”

And then when she woke up, she realized she missed everything and had an angry Spitfire waiting for her. :trollestia:

Loved the story! :heart:

Rainbow shrugged and her smile disappeared. She looked down at her coffee for a moment, taking idle sips. “I mean, yeah, it was kinda hard seeing you that sad.” She looked up at Twilight. “But that doesn’t make me want to not help. Plus …” Twilight trailed off and grimaced, then looked down again.

Shouldn't it be "Rainbow trailed off and grimaced," Or am I just reading it wrong.


No, you're right, just an error that somehow got missed in the three million rounds of edits. Fixed now. Thanks for the head's up on it!

Ah yes, good Twidash. I can feel it flowing through my veins once more. It's been too long, and as expected Bats provides with a sublime specimen, both of their characters and their relationship. Always a pleasure to read.

None taken. I'm not so full of myself (Yet!) that I think I can outdo Bats.

Author Interviewer

:rainbowwild: So, Twilight, you want special sleep-hugs tonight?

:twilightsmile: Sure, we can snuggle again.

:rainbowhuh: Don't call it 'snuggling', Twilight, that's gay!

:twilightoops: And 'special sleep-hugs' isn't?

I'm very glad there seems to be no lingering crushes acted upon in this story so far. :)

Author Interviewer

Nice. :D That went just the way I wanted it to.

I enjoyed that this fanfiction felt more like one close friend being there for another rather than romance for most of the story. And the premise—Rainbow Dash being Twilight's distraction of choice out of her five best friends—would have worked without the aim of indulging one's ship, too.

Pinkie Pie was probably a very good contender in the "most likely not to notice" department, especially since this is set after Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 and before Party Pooped (her party archives disqualify her from Twilight's unobservant folder, in all likelihood), but I can't blame Twilight for choosing to spend her time with Rainbow rather than with Pinkie.

I found the dream sequences to be where the narration shone. Short and to the point where Tirek's executions of Twilight's friends are concerned, beautiful and evocative when magic is mentioned. I loved the entirety of Twilight's last nightmare.

I was surprised to see Rainbow mimic a key turning into a lock rather than pretending to zip her lips closed when she promised to keep Twilight's issue secret.

I feel the line "She dragged her gaze up to Rainbow and forced out, “One more time?”" from the first paragraph would have read better as its own, second paragraph.

Finally, I liked these lines:

If she could think of it clinically as just a series of events, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

The corner of Twilight’s mouth twitched up in a ghost of a smile.

She felt beyond tired, as if her ears were stuffed with cotton until it clouded out her brain.

She could see the dream behind her eyelids, just as fresh as if she were asleep, just as vivid as if it was real, as if it were the truth.

and cracked her eyes open a sliver

Her mane snaked upwards in a mess

She hadn’t even noticed just how much she’d needed a full night’s sleep until she’d come out the other side of it.

it’s nice waking up and seeing you’re still there, too.

No tears had fallen yet, but she could feel them there, waiting for her shock to dull, and the dam was crumbling around her.

She twisted and writhed, pinned in place by sheets and hooves, strangling and suffocating. Her mane matted itself to her forehead and she could feel an icy line of sweat running down her spine. She pulled free and lunged up to sitting. The scream at last broke as she dragged in a breath of air.

a wave of nausea and panic raced up her back

And what I consider the most powerful line of the story:

“Because I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was making me watch how one of my best friends was going to die.”

Love it :heart::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::heart:

Ughlee #34 · May 9th, 2019 · · · II ·

Poor twi! Thank God rainbow is a sweetheart ❤️ These dreams really do seem like nightmare fuel

They... Uh... they are, in fact, nightmares.

Was that unclear? I feel like that was fairly clear.

Ooooooohhhhh yes another dose of bat's twidash. I can feel it through my veins bringing me back to life again XD

Is this a romantic fantic I want to listen but I want to know if it's romantic or not I'm in to comedy romance sad and horror mlp fanfic so if someone can tell what this fall under thanks

This is beautiful and it's such a slow burn. It's slow enough that the build-up is expeceted and unexpected. And it's fast enough to not be boring or too drawn out. It's really good.

Also, I think the song "I Believe in You" by Micheal Buble kinda fits with this fanfic.

This is just so good. This is one I've read multiple times and it doesn't matter how many times I've read it it hits just as hard as it did the first time. Just phenomenal.

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