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For Twilight, her relationship with Rainbow Dash couldn't be better. She can't help but be happy whenever they're together, and the usually abrasive pegasus has shown her softer side. Recently, however, Twilight's started to notice that there's something on Rainbow's mind. Something bothering her about their relationship, and Twilight's determined to find out what it is. The answer she gets might just confuse her more.

After all, when it comes to something as subjective as emotions, there's no handy reference guide to tell you how you're feeling.

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Another dose of kodeake's twidash to get me all giddy about stupid adorable ponies doing stupid adorable pony things. I really needed it today thank you :rainbowlaugh:

I absolutely adored this! What a perfect way to end the night

That was so fun to read :twilightsheepish:

Expectation subversion. I totally thought this was going to be about the first time either of them saying it in their relationship. Some sort of working up to it and not sure if they can sort of thing. Interesting ways of looking at the characters. Rather then have Rainbow guarded with her emotions for fear of being girly or something she is open because of her usual care free attitude. And Twilight is reserved because as usual she has to over analyze everything, even her own feelings. Looking forward to finishing later today.

Glad you're enjoying so far! For my writing how worried Rainbow is about her appearance is proportional to how long she's been in the relationship. The longer it's been the more comfortable she is, and I can let her blunt and sometimes crass way of saying things show through. Hope you enjoy the next part too.

One if the reasons I like writing from Rainbows perspective is because her brash nature can be interpreted in so many fun ways. That's a good one and has me thinking of different ways to write her in the future.
Oh, and there is going to be a second part? Very sneaky:duck: huuuummmm. Ok, that's good enough reason for me. Consider yourself followed:raritywink:

“Cadance!?” Rainbow jolted upright, fearfully scanning the room. “I didn’t do anything! I never touched her! I-I’m a virgin! I swear! Please don’t send me to Tartarus!”

Would there be any chance you could write a bonus chapter explaining this, I'd like to see what Cadance said to Rainbow Dash to make her that terrified of her.

I'm glad I read this, I needed the warmth shown in this story, have an upvote as that's the best I can give I fear.

I loved everything about this and just the dose of cuteness of twidash I needed :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

Ohh, that's some good stuff :rainbowkiss:. There is never enough TwiDash. There's not enough of Cadance embarassing Twilight either, those parts were very nice.

Poor Twi is just so oblivious sometimes. She needs somepony like Dash.

Part two is amazing and made me tear up. Dream three is a bit out of character for Twi but I got enough of the general mood of it that it made the rest as meaningful as it should be. Thank you for writing this.

“Cadance!?” Rainbow jolted upright, fearfully scanning the room. “I didn’t do anything! I never touched her! I-I’m a virgin! I swear! Please don’t send me to Tartarus!”


I've read almost all of your published TwiDash, and I think this one sticks out as my favorite. I just love this version of Rainbow. Twilight, as well, is really endearing here. She's such a nerd!

Twilight watched her past self walk across the sea of fluffy white with her girlfriend, a small shimmer in her eye. “She’d taken me to meet her parents,” she started before Cadance could ask. “We made a whole trip out of it up to Cloudsdale, saw a Wonderbolts show and everything. Then, she said she had something to show me.”

Kind of want to see that story now. I’m always for meet the parents stories, particularly Rainbow’s.

Great story by the way.

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