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Twilight was abandoned by her friends and even her teacher in favour of a pony they had just met; Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. After it was all over, they apologized, and Twilight said it was alright, but was it really? Could she really just forgive them so easily for flat out abandoning her and not even trying to find her when she went missing? Dash doesn't think so, and she's going to get the real story if it's the last thing she does, even if it means her own secret coming out.

Look, I'm gonna be honest; you know those really dumb, melodramatic soap operas? This is basically that. Call it a guilty pleasure of mine, but sometimes I like to indulge myself.

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Nice work. I love this.

Good to see Twi explode in a way that doesn’t doom all life.

grogar #3 · May 28th · · 4 ·

This fanfic has flaws, ignoring the fact they seen TWILIGHT OCD more than once (the whole future warning, Lesson Zero), then there was completely ignoring the Bridezilla (It's a thing). then bursting into the practice run shouting she evil evil evil without any physical proof.... seriously if i were in there shoes, i would automatically think she was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

This was the craziest, most melodramatic bs...

I fuckin loved it. Its everything I adore about good shipfiction. Maybe it's cause overdramatic shipfics are my own guilty pleasure, but this was excellent! Fimfiction could use more blatant angst-filled shipping fics like this. Honestly, I didnt even realize it was GOING to be a shipfic till RD confessed her love for Twi. It was seriously enjoyable, and I loved it, and you should DEFINITELY consider giving in to your guikty pleasures more often.

“You have every right to be made at us, Twi,” Rainbow said quietly. She stood and grabbed a cloth, mopping up the broken cup as Twilight collapsed into her chair.


“Listen, Twi, this isn’t about me. I-I know what I said but…” she looked up and saw the pointed look on the unicorn’s face. “Seriously. I doesn’t matter. I’m here because I felt bad about what happened. What-... what I did. Nothing else.”


Frowning, Rainbow eventually relented with a nod. “If you’re sure. I… well, I guess…” she bit her lip. Took a sip of her tea. Smiled as she tasted the sugar. “Yeah. I totally fell for you. Hard . Dunno what it was, really. Just… something about you.” She chuckled. “Everything, more like it. But...” her tone grew somber.

JWR #6 · May 28th · · ·

Minor grammar issues aside, this is really well done. You did a good job of selling the emotion in the character interactions.

Hell, I wouldn't even mind an epilogue or follow up with Twilight telling the others how she felt about the wedding rehearsal and her feelings on Rainbow.

You've earned a favorite from me.

JWR #7 · May 28th · · ·

In fairness, I don't think she would have been able to gather much in the way of evidence.

EddWar #8 · May 28th · · ·

Great work, love it.

Quite a few more errors in there than I am used to seeing from you but I still enjoyed this. I really have never liked the way they handled the aftermath of the wedding so it's nice to see fics acknowledge that the kind of betrayal she experienced isn't something you can just get over with a simple "I'm sorry." People don't work that way. But I also get that it is meant to be a kids show and so trying to show the strain and infighting that an event like this would have caused probably seemed a little off tone for what they were going for in writing the show. Anyway great story as usual. :twilightsmile:

is there a sequel to this story and if not will there be one

well despite it seeming absurd this seems to be more like real life.

“Fine, you want to know what I really feel? You want to know what I really think? Well I'll tell you; I felt like you were the worst friends I could have made in Ponyville. I felt like none of you deserved your Elements. Fluttershy was anything but kind to me in that throne room, and Pinkie never once tried to make me smile! Rarity sure as hay wasn’t generous enough to give me the time to explain myself, and Applejack couldn't tell my honesty from Chrysalis’s lies when we were both right in front of her face. And you...

When you put it like that... they do seem like total hypocrites.

“I...” Twilight's tirade faltered as she took a timid step back, lowering her head, eyes trailing along the spilt tea. “I do know that... See? This is why I just wanted you to leave it alone; I'm angry at you girls and for reasons that don't make any sense.”

Yeah, extreme emotion tends to get in the way of rational thinking.

“Yes, Rainbow.” she said, hiding a giggle behind her hoof. “I’ll go on a date with you.”


Ah, to be in love.

I wonder what it's like.

So wholesome!

Trying to explain the unexplainable in quite the challenge.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

That's all I have to say. This wasn't bad. Could've been better, but could've been a lot worse. Scale of 1-10, 10 being awesome, it's a 7. Solid 7. Maybe 7.1. But yeah. Pretty good.

Amazing stupendous superb wonderful classic and much much more for the low low price of asgfhsfagh

This was amazing, everything needed in a shipfic in a small package.

“You have every right to be made (mad) at us, Twi,” Rainbow said quietly. She stood and grabbed a cloth, mopping up the broken cup as Twilight collapsed into her chair.

Pretty absurd alright but entertaining.

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