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A Hoof-ful of Dust

You can't see the forest...

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Have some fluff. There's not much to say about this... do you call it a story? It's really more of just a scene. Anyway, I wanted to play around with Applejack's accent and have somepony else wear her hat, as well as write a bit of a palate-cleanser. It also turns out it's surprisingly difficult to write to an exact word-count.

D'aaawww, that was adorable, I don't know if it was shipping or not but it was still really cute :3, and was Fluttershy drunk or something?

It's a very real possibility that she was.

Forgive me for geeking out for a moment, but you wrote the story that got me into MLP fanfiction, and that's the exact reaction I wanted people to have with this story. You've totally made my day.

I really, REALLY like this. It's labeled as romance, but the shipping is so very subtle that you could easily take it as friendshipping. Bravo, Hoof. I approve wholeheartedly. You didn't overdo the accent, either, except to show just how badly 'shy was mimicking it, and 'jack was certainly in character; I would say the same for a certain Pegasus, but it's difficult to write her drunk, for obvious reasons. Still, it seems like a pretty accurate assessment of what our fair pony would be like if inebriated. :yay:

882040 Really? That totally makes my day too! It is always weird and pleasant when I find out people have read my stuff. I'm glad you got into the fanfic- your writing here is extremely sweet. I may have to try the limited-scope writing; it really does sound like a challenge.


I wish this was longer, but it was really good and adorable



D'aww. You don't see a lot of Appleshy these days, but it's adorable when you do. I'd personally like to see more of this, but it's an excellent oneshot as well. Either way, I'm watching.


Are you a fan of this pairing, or something?

:trixieshiftleft:I'm watching you...

You could say that. My mind's fairly open when it comes to shipping, though.

The close contact is well described, the affection passes for realistic, and you resisted the urge to have someone drunk go 'hiccup' like so many cartoons are wont to do.

A job well done, I say.

This is an adorable vignette. I love the easy, breezy feel to it--the dramatic tension is very light, almost nonexistent. Drunk Fluttershy was depicted very well, I think, funny without being overdone. And the hints that Applejack might be sweet on 'Shy were lovely. :twilightsmile:

This is adorable. Just... adorable. Props to ^^ for recommending it. I also really like that the whole 'staying over for the night' didn't turn into them sharing a bed with sloppy make outs, but more like AJ dodging Fluttershy's straight on kiss to give her a kiss on the forehead and sleep on the couch. It'd be like AJ to respect Fluttershy like that. I doubt any of the ponies would take advantage of her anyways, but it's good that's they're all in character and stuff.
Also, when she grabbed onto AJ, I couldn't help but break out in a smile. It's just so flippin' adorable :rainbowkiss:

I absolutely loved this, though I will admit that I'm strongly biased towards anything Appleshy. Fluttershy wearing AJ's hat and imitating her accent was just adorable, and I too loved the hints that AJ's interested in Flutters, but wants to take it easy and not take the easy way by sharing the bed with her when she's drunk like that.

:yay: It was cute. :) I don't see to much romance in it, personally, but more like friendship, which is awesome in itself. I love it though! :D Good job!

For some reason drunk fluttershy is adorable. Well done! :yay:

this is soo fluffy i want it to be my pillow

Drunk 'shy is remarkably cute and amusing.

I like the ambiguity of the story; it can read either as Fluttershy having a crush on AJ, or just opening up a bit more to a good friend, as you like. Either way, it's very nice. :yay:

I could read Applejack like this all day long. I already love her to bits, but you basically manage to make her sound like the nicest pony ever. Nicest-er. Even nicester. That's a word. Hush.

It's super cute and I like the ambiguity. Greenthumbed!

EEEE! So freaking CUTE! <3 Why is drunk Flutters so adorable? X3 I love this. Well done!

I was enjoying it, but when Flutters grabbed her hat, I lost it. It's so cute imagining that happening. It's such a simple story, the perfect length for what's going on and I have a feeling that drunk Flutters would act just like this.

Fave'd for a great read.



This is too short, I want to know what happens, I want to know how Fluttershy reacts after she's sobered up, I want to know how the shipping happens! :fluttercry:

I found this little fic last night, read it, and favourited it as soon as I was done. Today I proceeded to read it twice more. The perfect length to get across such an adorable piece I reckon. Thank you for entertaining me with just 1000 words three times over!

That was a nice fic. Very sweet. :)

Drunk Fluttershy is super adorable and funny. This story is also super adorable and funny. :ajsmug::yay: And now I've got that song stuck in my head, which is good because I like the song. :twilightsmile:

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