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Twilight is an intelligent mare, and always has something to say. But when a group of bizarre creatures shows up at her library offering life long service and devotion, for once she's at a loss for words. Which is too bad, because she'd really love to ask: what's a human and why are they so weird?

Story Image by: Megan Lara

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Looks very interesting. I plan to read it later.

I want to slap these people. There's being a fan and then there is an OBSESSION. :twilightsheepish:

But, I really like this fic, please continue my boy. :twilightsmile:

Have not even read this yet....... Rate up!:moustache:

A very enjoyable read - found myself chuckling throughout, and wouldn't mind seeing an expansion on this scenario. My one and only nitpick is that Twilight seems rather moody in general - I can understand frustration at trying to understand something that doesn't make sense, of course, but in some instances, her reactions seemed almost vicious to me.

Also...what in the hay is scenario 15?! :rainbowhuh:


Damn, you need to make a sequel or something, because this was hilarious!

LOL An honest great read. Never laughed at an ending so hard before.

Best "brony ends up in Equestria" story. Ever!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh sweet Christ! I need moar of this please! I dont want to beg but I will if it comes to that!

Very nice to read! that was very amusing!

:twilightangry2: what is a human.. a dirty little pile of secrets.. right?

Ps, i saw when you did with icametion 34 with spike. XD

Send this to equestria daily NOW
F&%#ing Hilareous

Make a sequel, do it filly!

241986....They are fans.....they are no where near obsession levels......

It's true. I've seen crazier... :pinkiesick:

And thats why you never call her TROLLESTIA!

I am very biased towards humans in Equestria stories, and try to stay away from them. But this? This was funny.

I lawled at the ending!:rainbowlaugh:
Great story!:twilightsmile:

What's the cover image source?

Awesome man, i just wish to hear from Seth himself when he gets this!!!

The ending is just...wow. Over-all, the story was pretty awesome, great work!

Sequel or more chapters, please! :pinkiehappy:

I attempted to upvote, but got a NaN response.
My only guess is that the sheer win caused it to exceed the numeric scale entirely.

I would love to see some continuations, in any form really-- It's a solid concept, and shockingly well-executed. Track'd, watch'd, the works.
((And because it is displaying my username as a huge jumble of numbers on my end, I'm Ariamaki for reference.))

I demand more, a lot more actually, you can ask Lordfeather, this was my face about two paragraphs in.
Anyway, this also put me off the fan fic I'm writing slightly simply because it was so good, and would fit in quite well with mine, so now my ideas are tainted, I'm going to have to find away to clear them, else I'd be expanding and stealing from you XD

Anyway, amazing, impressive and untouchable.

Imagine if they called her Molestia instead?

This story is awesome, please tell me there's going to be another chapter or sequel :pinkiehappy:
Because really this story is hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Luna. All the way.

Nice fic, Hope you make more! :rainbowkiss:

Somehow....I'm not surprised the Celestia group ended up on the moon.

Although, to be fair, you would think she'd realize that such an action only reinforces said image of her.

Well, its up to Twilight or Luna to bring them down, because something tells me that Celestia isn't bringing them down anytime soon.

Just refresh the page, should fix both.

Ah, you see, thats where things get a bit...how should I put it...unpleasant.

For you see, simply calling her Trollestia gets you sent to the moon (as we now have proof) Imagine now...just picture it...what her reaction would be to being called Molestia.

Your headed for one very, very hot place my friends :p

You know Seth wanted to be part of the Trixie brigade...

I was wondering if there were going to be trollestia/mollestia bronies.

This was an awsome story.

If they had called her Molestia they would have been effed.

Anyway this story was hilarious, I can picture Trixie going insane with power as soon as her followers find her :rainbowlaugh:

Fantastic story - funny and well written! I feel a sequel is absolutely necessary though :). MOAR!!!

man that's danged creepy...

I literally had to stop reading just to laugh. My sides ache! Make more! Please!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

And poor Celestia Division. Even though I would probably be in that group. :trollestia:

*Snorting laughter at the last division.*
Oh wow, this story is SO ending up in my favorites. *Raises his glass to you* This is one of the best BIE stories I've ever read, and provided me a good mood.
Just ONE little mishap.

Going to see Applejack was a good idea though. If there was anypony with a solid head on her shoulders it was the orange farmer.
Applejack doesn't farm oranges. :trixieshiftright:

242809 ...she has an orange coat... :ajbemused:

I'll track this and read it later. Sounds interesting. :ajsmug:

Hehehehe. OK, that made me smile.

And Cereal Velocity is running the Rarity group? ...HE GOT THE EQUESTRIAN INNOVATIONS PORTAL WORKING! CHARGE! :D

This was seriously just what I needed to cheer me up. I was giggling like a schoolgirl the entire time. :pinkiehappy:

The logic of humanity must seem something like this to the ponies.
Entertaining read, Celestia hates being called trollestia eh?

I take it Celestia doesn't know humans need food to survive, right? Moon dust isn't that high in vitamins or nutritional supplements...

242775 I so agree on the bit with Mad-for-Power Trixie. Now I can see her trying to conquer Equestria with her army of apemen from an alternate dimension. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

And poor Twilight, going crazy all through this! For that matter, it didn't take long for Pinkie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash to go mad with power, now, did it?

:trollestia: straight to the moon! poor guys and girls, mean old celstia

I can't speak for you guys, but if a bunch of strange creatures claiming to admire me and watch me showed up on my lawn wanting to serve me, I'd be really creeped out. There's a difference between not judging a book by its appearance before getting to know it (Zecora) and judging a book after finding out it is willing to abandon the life it had for the chance of being near you. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Ponyville wouldn't be a fun place to visit. But I imagine the attention you'd garner from being aliens would be enough for most people.

Anyways, I imagine it will go south when ponies start finding little shrines made up of "plot" pictures, hoof shavings, and fur. :fluttershbad:


Just because there are worse things out there doesn't make this any better.

y u no make dj-pon3 division:facehoof:

Ok, this story is hilarious! Please tell me you're going to continue this!
Excellent humor, and name dropping some of the top Bronies just made it even better.
Thanks again for writing this, and be sure to submit it to ED. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. :pinkiehappy:

242727 Unless she's reminded humans can't survive very long in such conditions, and I doubt she wants them dead which they soon will be.

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