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"Gold for the merchant, silver for the maid / Copper for the craftsman, cunning in his trade / 'Good', laughed the Baron, sitting in his hall / But iron - cold iron - shall be the master of them all."


This story is a sequel to The Endless Song

The deepest loves and cruelest hatreds are born out of isolation.

I have been consumed by one and watched the other consume my only friend.

My name is Artemis, and this is the story of a fool who almost lost everything.

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Cynic: Codependent relationship!

Optimistic: Mah gawd dat was a beaut!

I'm not crying, I have something in my eye, dammit! :fluttercry:

This story was really well told, I liked it even more then the previous one, which I loved as well. :raritystarry: I'm a sucker for stories that tell/add to the tale of the two sisters divided and reunited, and this provided a beautiful fresh take with the addition of a new character that feels perfectly woven into the well known history. Thank you for writing this, I definitely had tears glistening in my eyes by the end.

Coincidentally enough considering the topic of the songs the sisters sing (the 'song' vs. the 'lullaby'), this story was much more saccharine than the last. The first ones tone was much more awe inspiring and had a sort of beauty to it I can't quite put into words just yet. This one was bittersweet, and in the end, heartwarming. They compliment each other, and the sisters, wonderfully. Well done.

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