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Apocrypha for the Flash Sentry Papers.

Flash Sentry, hero of Equestria and all-round cad, reckoned a peaceful posting in the Crystal Empire would keep him far away from any danger. He reckoned wrong.

Written for Tumbleweed for the Springtime Sandbox-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo.

Russian translation, by GrandCat.

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Interesting start, Carabas.

The introduction seems like the "current" time is a few decades into the future, well after Flash joined the history books.

Why is Flash a self-proclaimed coward?

And you are going with a similar vein of Bon-Bon/Sweetie Drops with Carrot Top/Golden Harvest? I like it! Secret agents are always fun to be around, they make for interesting fun deadly wacky adventures.

A few remnants of Sombra still around? Yikes, that might be an extremely perilous adventure, though a giant exorcism ritual might do the trick.


I know it's bad form to have homework for fanfiction, buuuuut half of the point is that the fic's a sequel to The Prisoner of Zebra (which, coincidentally, I wrote). I'd suggest at least reading that'un to get the gist of the series.

Regardless, this is a great start, and now I'm just slightly worried 'cause Carabas is a better writer than I am so I dunno if I'll be allowed to write Flash Sentry stories anymore if Carabas keeps doing a better job. ;)

Magnificent opening on all levels. And we really need to use the word "equerry" in pony fiction more often; it's just too perfect for the setting.

Looking forward to more. I get the feeling that Sunset Shimmer grabbing the Tiara of Magic will barely be a blip on the radar compared to whatever Sombra's sympathizers get up to.

Wonderful beginning. I have only one niptick though, by your point of the story weren't Flash and Carrot together enough for him to stop seeing other mares? I do remember that being a thing.

Hm, I wonder if Spike will get the credit for this one too?

Flash Sentry! Hero of the Imper Equestria!


No, you had it right the first time. He was in the Crystal EMPIRE after all.


Depends on what point in the timeline this is. Carrot mentioned her family, so this might be taking place right after the second book in the series.

Tumbleweed got there first, but aye, this is fanfiction for their own Flash Sentry Papers. Think Flashman and Ciaphas Cain's Equestrian equivalent, wherein the memoirs of a legendary hero of a period have been unearthed, in which the hero confesses to being an absolute bounder and indiscriminate cad, with the occasional glimpse of decency beneath it all.

Go check out the proper Flash Sentry papers. They're ace. :pinkiehappy:

Delighted you like it so far, and I'll second that recommendation! Though while I've got you, would you be able to impart the sorcery of how one embeds a footnote at the side of the page? I'm sure someone else once told me how, but I'm a complete gibbon and forgot how.

'Equerry' definitely needs more love in horsewords, no denying that. No denying that regrettable things are coming Flash's way due to Sombra's sympathisers, either. :raritywink:

This takes place between the second and third papers, like RI2pointed out (8882633) so I don't think their togetherness is a done deal as yet. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

Almost certainly. :moustache:

One more scrofulous aide, and he's sorted!


So there's a <Right_Insert> HTML code that should do it. Just use square brackets instead of pointy-brackets (as if I used the square ones it wouldn't show up).

That's worked a charm. Much obliged. :twilightsmile:

Oh, this is a good start. I was hoping Tumbleweed would have a new story in this universe for us soon, but this will do just fine.

Keep it up!

Glad you like it, and hope it continues to satisfy! :twilightsmile:

“Please do,” I said. It’s never pleasant, discovering that the peaceful-looking paddling pool you planned to plouter in all along played host to piranha packs.

I cackled at this. I love the way you make the English language dance to your piping, Carabas.

I look forward to reading the rest of this. And shamefully, I have not read the other Flash Sentry papers, and feel the need to rectify my mistake. Off I go!

Alliteration is far too much fun to be legal. And aye, please do read the other papers! They're excellent. :pinkiehappy:

I am confused...what are the Flash Sentry papers? He is my favorite character, so I want to know how that works. The series seems interesting!

The Flash Sentry Papers are an excellent Flash Sentry-centric series by Tumbleweed, that take a lot of nods from published series with anti-heroes like Flashman and Ciaphas Cain. If you've not heard of them, I promise they're a good and hilarious read, and well worth checking out. :twilightsmile:

Ermagerd! So excited to read this! :pinkiehappy:

Brilliant. Flash Sentry-HERO OF EQUESTRIA! Pitch-perfect tone, here.

Fair's fair, the original Flashman was much more of a bounder than this Flash Sentry is.

Those adjacent footnotes -- flank-notes? Whatever the terminology -- they're marvellous things.

All the look and feel of a footnote but none of the scrolling.

They're the best. I don't know how I've gone through life without knowing their sorcery hither to now.

Yea, but it was the mewing of the heroic...

Despite the chapter name, I did not put two and two together.

I do know, however, that a vulpine grin is always bad.

At leastshewas a source of violence and terror in my favour, should anything happen.

And you have an idea of what she can do.

I would have thoroughly investigated said rumours before the summit

Sounds like your idea of fun.

It dawned so innocently, as well.

Oh dear.

Sometimes, I awe even myself. I trotted on in a suitably guardly manner, aware of conversation breaking out at my back between her, Cadence, and the other Element Bearers. Cheerful enough incident. One day, I presumed, I’d regale a whole litter of grandfoals about that time a princess concussed herself off me. But the fact that the whole group had apparently been trotting from the mirror room filled me with some trepidation. What was the significance of the mirror?

So that gives us a time frame of when this is.

You were truly so instrumental during the Battle of Canterlot?”

Not really.

“Not enough, I feel. And please, you must not diminish yourself. We have spent so,solong a time in darkness, without valiance, without hope. And when it comes again to deliver us from our oppressor...” She leaned closer yet, her dark eyes glimmering, her face near enough that I felt her breath brush across my snout. “...why, itintoxicates.”

You want to seduce him. And are probably a Sombra loyalist because that's Flash's luck.

“Because it’s been a very busy week for both of us, and a moment’s relaxation wouldn’t go amiss. Because I do very much like you yourself and what you represent.” Chalcedony smile was positively vulpine. “And because we will be obliged to be respectable and presentable for the entirety of a summit today, and what madpony would ever undertake that completely sober?”


As she abruptly jammed it right up one of said nostrils?

There it is.

Why, ofcourseit was a good guff of chloroform.


Cold. Cold as the slopes of Hell; deep, deep as the unsounded nothingness past the stars; melodious as a pampered orchestra; and finally, rich and confident as a conqueror assaying their new continent. Imagine diving into a frigid swimming pool of pure, dark, unadulterated chocolatey smug , and what it might say if it could talk.

Sombra himself.

At that point, as it seemed entirely warranted, I started mewling.

I'm inclined to agree.

Hehehehe. You captured the spirit of this Flash Sentry very nicely I must say.

Id this was a weekly Radio Serial, I could just imagine the narrator voice saying: "How will our hero get out of this pinch!? WI'll the lovely but deadly Carotte Top, have to save is bacon once again? Stay tuned next week for our new instalment of FLASH SENTRY AND THE KING GHOST!

Such a pernicious phrase, "deliver us from our oppressor." You really do need to make sure you know precisely who the speaker has in mind when they say that.

In the meantime, trying to infuse Flash with the soul of Sombra might have some unique difficulties. Some of them having carrot cutie marks. Also, now I really want to know about those other mirror-based misadventures. The Night of Two Lunas sounds especially hilarious.

A particular stoic, steel-jawed, dashing sort of mewling, at that. :raritywink:

Terrible sorts of grins, really. Possibly even more foreboding than the rictus variety.

Flash's luck does indeed lead him into ungodly amounts of terror and peril. And being warbled at by Sombra's a mewling occasion for anyone, concurred.

Glad you think I've captured the spirit of it! He would lend himself very to a weekly serial, no question. Perhaps Tumbleweed's open to bribery on this count.

Difficulties with that plan (which may indeed have carrot cutie marks on their person) are indeed in the offing. Can't say the same for the mirror-based misadventures, tantalising though they may be, but who knows? Maybe someday, Fresian'll clean them up enough for publication.

Oh, Flash! How will you get out of this one?!

And seriously, that really worked on you? Dude, come on! I saw it coming a light-year away! :p

He's a dreadfully silly pony. Thank goodness, being the hero that he is, things always work out swimmingly. :raritywink:

Much as I love Flash and his adventures, I'm really interested in "The Night of Two Lunas". I mean, really interested.

Most of George Macintosh Fresian's readership'd be equally interested, rest assured. :raritywink:

Hah, that could have been a surprisingly appropriate use for it, on consideration. Sombra and Tartarus and chillness definitely lend themselves all to the same simile.

One wonders if Flash's luck (and the Universe's perverse obsession in trying to make a hero out of him) will transfer to Sombra. It may be the nudge that forces the tyrant to give the body back and retire somewhere in the south to cultivate artichokes.

Poor, predictable cultists.

The happiest of endings for all involved, really.

"Château de Chloroform? I wish to lodge a complaint with the palace sommelier!"

"Much too full-bodied, to say nothing of what it does to my own body."

Stupid sexy cultists. I wonder how Sombra feels about possessing a non-unicorn.

Looking forward to Carrot Top saving Flash's bacon.

Sombra's opinions on the matter'll be forthcoming, as will Carrot Top's inevitable rescue efforts. :raritywink:


Don't worry, there's no way this'll work. Chalcedony implied they need a 'hero' to be the vessel. Flash is...not quite that.

Spell requirements can be tricky like that. :rainbowwild:

A few passed on rumours about yet more drinkable and venerable vintages lurking down in the palace’s own cellars. I would have thoroughly investigated said rumours before the summit. Alas there always seemed to be a pair of butlers armed with austere glances on duty, and I was obliged to withdraw on each attempt with muttered excuses about double-checking palace security.

Two ponies guarding the wine cellar? That's odd. Come to think of it, a wine cellar would be a decent place for-
*reads the rest of the chapter*

Oh. Alright then.

“Stars above,” I heard Chalcedony murmur before the black walls of the world closed in. “That actually worked.”

It occurs to me how ominous and subtle an utterance of "Stars below" or "Stars beside" would be in a more eldritch or chthonic work.


...to an individual, watching as Antlertis crumbles and slips beneath the waves, evanescent lights dimming and fading, sparkling into darkness as eternal enchantments are overwhelmed by infinite waters...

...in the moment of time before their own portion of terra firma became maris fundamentum and followed the rest below the depths... it might have looked like stars, below...

First thought: when will life allow Carabas to continue this golden production? :fluttercry:

Second thought: this fic shows that Carabas can and should write Rincewind's personality into equestria! :pinkiehappy:


...to an individual, watching as Antlertis crumbles and slips beneath the waves, evanescent lights dimming and fading, sparkling into darkness as eternal enchantments are overwhelmed by infinite waters...

...in the moment of time before their own portion of terra firma became maris fundamentum and followed the rest below the depths... it might have looked like stars, below...

...in the event I write something with more Antlertean influences to it, fancy having large parts of it outsourced to yourself?

You're damned good at this.

The third chapter's partway done, though it's been partway done for quite a few weeks now, alas. Hoping my brain can wrestle past the block there soon enough. Once it does, I hope it satisfies. :twilightsmile:

Wonderful to see the rest of this. Your Sombra oozes condescension in the best way. It's always a joy to see a villain who exults in his role and can back it up.


It's not his fault; he just got this body and the mind keeps humming drinking songs in his third ear!

In any case, a fantastic read, especially Carrot applying the traditional earth pony exorcism. Thank you for a most worthy entry in the Flash Sentry Papers.

I don't think I've ever seen that method of exorcism before. :D

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