• Published 23rd Apr 2018
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Flash Sentry and the King's Ghost - Carabas

Flash Sentry, hero of Equestria and all-round cad, reckoned a peaceful posting in the Crystal Empire would keep him far away from any danger. He reckoned wrong.

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Some Notes on the Text

When presenting works that challenge the historical record on figures of renown such as Flash Sentry, one will inevitably be met with a range of reactions. Some will work themselves into a lather over blatant smears at the expense of an Equestrian legend. Some will applaud bold new angles of scholarship drawing upon newly-discovered primary sources. Some send letters of congratulations. Some send live scorpions through the mail. Most else varies between those two extremes.

When a rare few opt to help, however, they send things like the following text. It came to my door, a carefully-packaged and cloth-wrapped notebook from an anonymous sender. With it came a note claiming that here was a missing Flash Sentry paper, a portion of the renowned stallion’s own autobiography that had gone astray from the central collection and ended up in the personal effects of their own family. In light of my own recent efforts to shed a light on this particular hero and period of Equestrian history, they felt comfortable sending the text to me in the surety I would know what to do with it.

Several issues arise at this point. Taken at face value, the text would seem to fill in the blanks regarding an escapade previously only fleetingly referred to in Sentry’s memoirs — some incident involving his posting in the Crystal Empire, cultists therein, Sentry being bound to a rock at the mercy of said cultists, and Agent Golden Harvest’s inevitable assistance in the matter.

However, its authenticity must be questioned. The prose is not an exact match for Sentry’s previous writings, as if it had been penned by Sentry after he’d had far too much/little to drink, or by a different hoof altogether. Its existence apart from the main collection begs questions. It may be genuine. It may be a libellous (read, truth-telling) publication from Sentry’s own time. It may even be Flash Sentry fanfiction, may unkind Providence have mercy on us all.

I reproduce it below, but until further study and verification can be done, it seems best to treat this as Flash Sentry apocrypha.

What a terrifying phrase that is.

-George MacIntosh Fresian.