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This story is a sequel to Possession in the Crystal Empire

Private Iceland is recovering from his ordeal at the hooves of King Sombra, who possessed him and caused his current injuries. He still suffers nightmares and has trouble sleeping. He also longs for his favorite breakfast, pancakes. The dull tasting hospital food is not helping with that at all.

However, is he safe? Is he truly free from the pony that tormented him and his brother? He is in the middle of the Crystal Empire, with an active Crystal Heart, plenty of guards and an alicorn princess nearby. Is that enough to stop a very unscheduled, unexpected, unwanted visit? Especially if it's off hours?

A certain evil overlord doesn't think so.

This story is part of The Equestria Tales series.

Side-story in "Return of The Dark Ponies" story arc.

Story edited by Hail King Sombra.
Story title. additional ideas and suggestions by Tale Weaver

This one shot is marked as sequel to Possession in the Crystal Empire, as it is a direct follow up to that story.

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This was a good teaser for the sequel, i like that you have decided to do a little dark humor in your story at the end, it was a nice touch. I am happy that you decided to make a sequel of the story, i can't wait to see what demented games Sombra will be doing do to Private's fragile little physic. I hope it will be just as great as the first. Still I like to sympathize with Sombra, but I wouldn't want him to have any real redemption other then what Privat's Stockholm syndrome addled mind will come up with.:pinkiecrazy:.I think this little chapter was a good way to remind the reader that he is a monster.

This is giving me water in my month.

Poor Private. Even after being separated, Sombra still haunts him...

On the plate were the most delicious looking pancakes he had ever seen, smothered with syrup and butter. In the combination of the two condiments was written:

Okay, this is like the grossest stuff to write anything in. Bad Sombra.

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