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It's sunny and nice outside so Thunderlane and Rumble enjoy some playtime at Ponyville playground. It's not just Twilight who has a BBBFF.

This story is part of The Equestria Tales series.

Cover by Joey Waggoner

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Thunderlane! That was his name, I kept thinking it was Thundermane. :rainbowhuh:
Anyway, spotted a few grammar things but it was a cute, short story. Well done!

946096 Thanks and I'll try and fix those grammar issues when I get the chance.

946133 Thank you, yeah I just found the best screenshot that had Thunderlane and Rumble together where they were smiling, unfortunately those two were in the way. I'll probably end up changing the cover with something better when I find it.

I wish I had a brother like that:pinkiesad2:. Anyway, cute story! Though it somehow made me feel sad.
This site needs more Thunderlane fics.

946199 Thanks, yeah I wasn't sure if I should put the sad tag on or not, decided not to because the general point was not sadness but just friendly brotherly relations but I couldn't resist putting some sad overtone there.

947480 I knew the name was familiar somehow :rainbowlaugh:

Both owned by Hasbro too. It gives me hope that Celestia and Luna's dad might be voiced by Peter Cullen. Harmonious Prime anyone?:ajsmug:

A bit short, but very sweet. :twilightsmile:
946199 Agreed, Thunderlane seems to be underrated. We need more stories of him.

1039583 Yeah I know. This was an entry for a contest which had word limits and the challenge for me was to keep it this short, it was really hard. I've considered doing a "directors cut" of it if you will but in the end decided against it.

And yes I do agree we need more Thunderlane.

I'm a month late to this, but I wanted to read some Thunderlane, and the idea behind this story was pretty good.

It's pretty short, but that's mostly because some more of it could have been fleshed out. I understand that you were writing it for a contest though, so I guess that point's irrelevant. Definitely would like to hear more, though. Good while it lasted, I'd say.

"Thunderlane chuckles and tries to hide another couch."

^Don't fix that typo, that couch belongs there.

1129247 :pinkiegasp: I can't believe I missed that typo.

Thanks, actually during the course of this month I have been reconsidering fleshing this story out now that the contest is over. I do belive I can do more with it and I don't write that much 1st person viewpoint stories. :pinkiehappy:

I believe the proper term here is "the feels".

right. in the. feels. oh sweet Celestia the feels. no I'm not kidding it actually hurts; that light sad overtone just hit the nail right on the head (of feels) for me. this was just too adorable I love Thunderlane (best pony! next to Spitfire) and Rumble. one usually can't find that many brotherly fics about them, Rumble's mostly just in the background of Thunderlanes many many ships. I swear I would be in tears if this was only fleshed out a bit more *sigh* brotherly fluff, gets me all the time. moving on, I love the idea of Lane getting sick now and then. I mean it makes more sense, considering how everyone thought he was faking, if he gets sick often I'm sure people would be pretty suspicious. the thing about their dad was nice too, it adds so much drama even if was just there for a paragraph, it is now canon, for me. yeah wow, really well written 1st person is tricky to write in, but you did a great job :yay: I am now going to your page to see what other amazing fics you have written :rainbowkiss:
oh before I forget. I've been writing a Derpy and Thunderlane fic, I already planned for him to be the sick easily type, but what I wan't to know is if I could possibly borrow your headcanon on their dad. I think it would really help me be able to hieghten the conflict. I'd credit you completely for their dad if you want me too. thanks in advance

2630577 Hey glad you liked the fic. I have considered fleshing this fic out more, but I just haven't gotten around to it, so much else I need to do first. :pinkiegasp:

But sure, sure go ahead borrow my headcanon regarding their dad. I don't mind at all. :twilightsmile:

yay! that would be awesome! I think it's something about the way you write, but your stories get a lot more emotion out of me than other stories. like idk, even just thinking about this story makes me feel choked up. but yeah I know what you mean, life just loves getting in the way :twilightoops:
omg really? wow, your awesome, thank you soooo much for being cool with it :pinkiehappy: I'll send you a link of the fic when it's done being approved if you want. he doesn't show up yet though.

Huh. This story's a year old as of today.

People give you trouble about Hurricane Fluttershy "Rumble can fly" just tell them this is a prequel set several years before that.
As to Thunderlane's health problems, it could be asthma, but it sounds more like HIV & the sequel could be Grimdark

Has an odd dark element to it with Thunderlane's illness.

Yeah, this story was written back when we had only met Thunderlane in one episode in Season 2, so I was not shy giving some implications. But then the show ended up making him go to the Wonderbolt Academy and take part in the Equestria games, so clearly he's made a full recovery. :rainbowlaugh:

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