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It began as a normal day in Ponyville on the last day of the week, but it quickly changes into drama when a young filly is foalnapped during broad daylight and another one is left injured in the hospital.

Two of the Cutie Mark Crusaders witness the tail end of the crime and become unsure how they should feel about the whole thing, especially when considering who the foalnapped filly is. Should they do something to help or just let the adult ponies handle this?

This story is part of The Equestria Tales series.

The first story in "The story of Tango and Snow Heart" arc

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714448 I can assure you that the cupcakes are made out of completely normal cupcake material, no pony flesh or blood. I'll admit I drew a blank on what new stuff the bakery got that Pinkie felt would make good in cupcakes, but the idea was it was probably many sugary things and candies. No pony was made into a cupcake during the making of this story. :twilightsmile:

Thank you:pinkiehappy:. After I read "Cupcakes" I started seeing references in a lot of stories:twilightangry2:.

716166 I don't blame you there a few other fic based on other characters that have become quite infamous, read them at your own discretion. :twilightoops:

I haven't personally read that story, but I have heard of it and what it is all about (explaining why I have not read the story). So I don't blame you that my cupcake filled chapter may have filled you with some dread.

I actually considered having Pinkie baking something else, but when I wrote the chapter Eurobeatbrony's Cupcake sweetbeatmix was blaring through my speakers so I couldn't think of anything else but cupcakes :scootangel:


I think I know who the OLD FRIEND is, it's Gilda isn't it? :rainbowdetermined2:

720991 Whatever gave you that idea? :scootangel: It's not like I blatantly hinted at her possible relation to one of the villai... um wait I did didn't I? :twilightsheepish:

721380 Well who ELSE could fit the description of 'old friend'? :rainbowhuh:

721581 Nobody, I was just kidding around. :twilightsmile: You were right on the money. :pinkiehappy:

Snowheart and Diamond Tiara know each other hm, I take it that they weren't on good terms with each other am I right? :trixieshiftleft:


That is correct. :eeyup:

725854 Oh boy, I don't think Diamond Tiara is going to like what Snowheart has planned for her. :facehoof:

ooooh nice cliff ahnger! XD
hope to see more to this soon

743962 Thanks. :twilightsmile:

You will definitely see more soon. Tomorrow begins another three day update round of this fic from Friday to Sunday. :eeyup:

For those curios, Parasol is an actual background character from the show and not an OC, Link to Parasol's page on MLP FIM wiki, though the name is a placeholder from what I understand. I'll probably post a a blog/author's note explaining a bit why I chose to have her as Scootaloo's mother, there was actually quite a bit of a thought process to it and not just done out of whim.

right when it gets good
keep up the good work X3

So Scootaloo isn't an orphan, that's good to hear. :scootangel:

Also do I see Silver Axe possibly taking pitty on Diamond Tiara? :unsuresweetie:

Not bad but I noticed a few spelling errors that you might want to consider fixing. :twilightoops:

757453 Oh dear spelling errors :pinkiegasp: thanks for notify me. I'll fix them as soon as I can. I hope I'll spot them all :twilightblush:

757425 Yes, Scoot gets parents here :pinkiehappy:

You were not mistaken regarding Silver Axe. I already hinted a bit at his more compasionate side in the first chapter. He's a complicated guy, we will learn a bit more about him later on..


Glad you liked it, thanks :twilightsmile:

I think I got them, if anyone still spots errors, don't hesitate to let me know. :pinkiehappy:

Finally it's here. The Sunday chapter is up and I apologize for the delay :twilightblush: As usual, if any errors are spotted I may have missed, let me know :derpyderp1:

I noticed a reference with Rainbow Dash to Batman The Brave and The Bold 'Emperor Joker', at one point The Joker sings a song called either "Smile, Darn Ya Smile!" or "Where's The Fun In That?" :rainbowlaugh:

Also Gilda is about get involved big time, and for once I'm rooting for her. :yay:

yay gilda to the rescue!
and hopflly some fighting later >:D

773721 Hehe, cool. To be honest I've never watched that show. So yay for accidental references :yay:

Yep, I have plans for Gilda in this story. :pinkiehappy:

773870 I like to think that even Gilda has lines she won't cross.

And I can confirm that there will be fighting in this story :eeyup:

go gilda! :yay:

780084 I haven't seen it either but people say that the song is similar to Pinkie's Smile Song (The Hasbro name for Smile, Smile, Smile) so if you have time check it out on youtube and see for yourself. :eeyup:

w00t! continue? :heart:

781226 I will be sure to check it out :twilightsmile:

791609 Have no fear, next chapter is scheduled to come up on Sunday :pinkiehappy:

791732 yay!!! now i must bid farewell, we have tickets to the BRAVE premeire tonight. bye and hope to read the new chapter soon

791728 You can also check out a youtube video entitled 'The Joker's verision of Pinkie Pie's smile song' there's also one entitled 'The Joker's verision of Pinkie Pie's cupcakes song' :twistnerd:

So Silver Axe is doing this for a reason other than just causing trouble or getting rich. :trixieshiftleft:

Just finished reading this.. and then I found out you updated. Not sure if ninja...

hmmm interesting
now i wana know more about silver axe
i wana know what his angle is in all this

801834 Well not to spoil anything, but Silver Axes does not quite share the same ideals as Snow Heart and Paul. So yeah he does have reasons that will be touched on in future chapters :pinkiehappy:

802843 LOL, well I am a veteran from the Ninja Turtle fandom, maybe that helped :rainbowlaugh:

803046 We will most certainly learn more about Silver Axe in future chapters :twilightsmile:

w00t new chapter:heart:

Silver Axe wins, Flawless Victory! :moustache:

awesome fight! XD
too bad gilda lost in the end still awesome!
i wonder what rainbow dash will do when she sees her

841013 At leat he didn't do a Fatality :pinkiehappy:

842062 Yes poor Gilda forgot one of the many rules of combat, wear your opponent out, which unfortunately for her Silver Axe didn't forget. As for Rainbow Dash, we'll see :scootangel:

873253 He likely would've ripped out her spine. :moustache:

we better see soon! >:3

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