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Gah! Where have you been?

Earl Grey is my lifeblood. It is the fuel that powers my soul when willpower and strength have fled, leaving the fiery pits in my gut to feed on naught but ash and dust, where my eyes wish to falter and slumber but the pen cries, "Write, you fool!" It is...

Well, it's pretty awesome, I guess. It's all in the bergamot though, really.

But no, honestly, your username and your little quote at the top earn you top marks in my book. Plus, the writing is excellent. So, does that give you top-top marks, or super marks?

Just keep doing what you do. It's beautiful.

Sorry. A large number of things with varying degrees of importance have kept me from finishing another chapter in the time that I'd like to, but rest assured, I haven't abandoned it. It may just be a while.

I miss In Dreams

I do currently have another story in the works, but I'm afraid it's another oneshot. The issue with doing multiparts on this account (an alt) is that it would detract from my time working on a long story I've already started. I'm not discounting the idea entirely, of course, but it probably won't happen for a while.

If you would like to see the multipart I mentioned, I could PM you the link.


Any concrete plans for more stories yet? I'd love to read some more by you, preferable something longer with an overarching story, since your style really captures and immerges me into it and it's sad that this read was only for such a short time.
Anyway, keep up the phenomenal work! :yay:

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