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Equestria, a magical land filled withall kinds of mythical creatures and beasts of all shapes and sizes. Among them are Humans, griffons, dragons and ponys. these four great races live in harmony thanks too two rulers named Celestia, the princess of the sun and Luna, the princess of the moon.

Together they rule over Equestria and it's people. However, darkness is upon them. Will Equestria hold fast or will it fall?

Rated Teen for mild language, violent themes, blood and some sexual themes

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Star Dusk has moved to ponyville as a request from his father to find his meaning in life. And to find his happiness.

Well this will be my first Fanfic ever. So expect issues and whatnot

I'd love it if you guys can give me some tips to help me make better Fics!

Pic isent mine!

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