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This is a group dedicated to the 'Children of the Night' series. Anyone who reads this; if you want to create an episode/chapter for the series, let me or one of the Moderators know before you write one so I can expect you. I'll be collaborating with a selection of friends regarding Primary Characters in this series. If anyone wants to make up an OC that they want in there, then know that It will be considered.

The Moderators so far are: SweetAppleJacker, Hero541, VinylScratchQ1, ReaperofSouls42, Inferno Demon Dash and XxBlooDy_TigerxX. More moderators may be added in the near future.

I urge people to send their works to myself or to these guys via PM.

Also, I believe some of you my be confused as to the timeline of this series. It is based before the Mane Six, before Nightmare Moon. New villains will be made to house this series and bring some excitement. Perhaps an old villain or two.


1. No ideas are bad ideas, but do try to avoid doing a Pinkie and not break the laws of physics.

2. All Chapters offered will be looked over by either myself or the team.

3. OCs must have a cameo interaction with either of the Princesses or Primary characters in the episode (in other words: Primary characters or Princesses must make an appearance somewhere in the story).

4. Doctor Whooves and Derpy may feature in the Episodes, but they are not to take any of the Primary Characters into the future to meet the Mane Six.

5. Submissions must be Teen rated at the least. Subtle sexual references (such as attraction, kissing, the sort of thing you could tell your kid about) are allowed, and Gore is to be kept to a minimum. This series is rated for 'Everyone'

6. Chapters must be at least 5000 letters (estimated episode length). There is no maximum word limit.

7. Do not try to force your OC into the friendship circle of the Primary Characters. You may form a friendship circle with other people's OC's and go on adventures with them, so long as you adhere to rule #4.

8. Despite these rules, try to have fun with this. There is no time limit. If you inform us your plans of making an episode for the series, we will update you of any Major changes to the timeline, such as Alicorn transformations (though unlikely) or sudden appearance of additional Princesses (Cadence).

Finally, for those of you who have not seen the video, here it is. Perhaps it will persuade some of you to participate.

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Okay, folks, I'm gonna get this thing up off the ground, because the story's been sitting here for what I think is the better part of a year now. I want to keep the characters as close to the video as possible, but I could only get the name of one pony: Gari.

Before I can make a start on the first episode, I'll need an OC from everyone. I'm hoping to get this started within the next 24 hours. If nothing happens, I'll just fill in the blanks on my own.

You can either send me a full bio, or a brief description of the OC either via PM or comment on this blog. I'll be checking it tomorrow.


348213 Not dead, just haven't begun yet.:twilightsmile:

325226 Absolutly spiffing. I am please that it has been so.

325184 Rather fantastic thank you dear sir/madam!

Okay so I'm going to break the ice here. How is everyone doing?

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