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All that I touch seems to break in my hands, then it just bursts into flames.


Twilight Sparkle reluctantly embarks on a journey to Hoofington to learn the magic of friendship. However, she instead finds herself in the ghetto that is Ponyville, where friendship has taken a back seat to "Sweets" addictions and violent power struggles. Will Twilight be able to complete her quest among the jaded denizens of Ponyville or just be caught in the crossfire?

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Now this is definatly pretty interesting. Will be waiting for the next chapter.

This is written well enough. Not exactly the first of its kind but I like it!


Gangstah Gangstah!!!

Just work on spacing your paragraphs out. You got the brick wall effect going.:moustache:

I found this incredibly enjoyable. MOAR


Ask and ye shall recieve. Chapter 2 needs only slight revising and it will be up in a day or two. Thanks for the comment!

No problem, Thank you for keeping me entertain for however long it took me to read the story.

So awesome! I can't wait to read what comes next. :twilightsmile:

That is quite the predicament, wonder how Twilight will get out of this one.

Pretty good chapter, the suspense's pretty heavy.

And there go our colt friends, never to be seen again...... Ah well, they served their purpose.
Now lets see how Twilight will explain herself now, doubt Applejack will accept an explanation like 'didn't notice the altitude'.

Looks like Twilight's got some learning ahead of her...


Thanks for taking your valuable time to read my story and to comment. I really appreciate it. I named this piece Pinkamenace II Society because it's a play on the title of a movie called Menace II Society. It's an old ghetto life movie from 1993. (makes me feel old to say that.) So if anyone is wondering why Pinkie hasn't been in the story yet, that's why. Pinkie will be appearing very shortly. I debated whether to change the title or not but I just love it too much to change it.

The organized Apple Famile vs homemade Pink Cakes. Lets see how the struggle will come out.

Very good background for Pinkie's descent. So Pinkie's the brute and mastermind all at the same time, while Fluttershy's the info gatherer. Can't wait to see how they'll continue to slip under the radar, considering how many ponies buying her stuff.


Not where I wanted to stop but I'd like to keep these chapters in easily readable chunks rather than making them an epic undertaking. More with Twilight Sparkizzle next time.

I'm still a little confused. Why can't they just bunch up on this? From what I understood, they're not really fighting for becoming part of the family, both could join under their own conditions, so what's the real problem? Wouldn't the family benefit from even more powerful ponies?

Also, psych Rainbow introductory-death.


I would liken their relationship to that of the business world. Let's say you and another worker are both candidates for a promotion. Now let's say that the other person does their best to make themselves look good and you look bad. Naturally you begin to resent them. So you start working harder to make yourself look even better than the other but they continue to find ways to put you down in front of your boss. It gets old, fast. I had that exact situation at one point. It sucks. It becomes less about the job and more about getting that other person out of there as fast as possible. Same concept. Sweetie and Scoots may not have started off as enemies but due to trying to make themselves look better than the other, despite they both could attain positions, they have just had enough of one another and become enemies.


In a hurry here. On vacation and we were supposed to be out doing the whole site seeing thing ummm....3 hours ago. Working on a tablet and maaaaan is it hard to edit and post with this thing. Spent the last hour just posting the story piece by piece because the tablet can't handle over about 3000 words at a time. Fun times. If there's any typoes or weird places in this chapter it's because of the hassle that tablet has given me. Hope you enjoy this one, I thought there was a pretty good chunk of drama in it.

Sorry about the length, couldn't cut this one any shorter.

Appledash? Eh, I guess it works if one of em doesn't care/know.
Applejack sure is a sneaky devil. Wonder if Twilight will want to visit the city.

The plot thickens... how are you so brilliant?!?! Simply amazing once more. Keep it up :pinkiehappy:


Alright, got the plan now. Some of you may have noticed that the chapters have titles finally. Hooray for that. I've just about got this thing completely planned out. I figure it's going to run 3 segments of x chapters each. So, Segment 1 has finally ended. Pretty much character introductions and seeing what their plans are. Segment 2 is gonna be about stuff and 3 about things. oops, just spoiled it for you all.

Once again, sorry for the length. I said before I like to keep these in managable chunks but didn't quite happen...again. Really wanted to end this segment up without cutting it into two chapters. Hope you all have enjoyed it so far and I hope you continue reading. Please feel free to PM me with any comments you want to make to me personally. I am extremely open to discussion. If not, please make a comment right here in the good old comment section.

Also, remember to like the story if you do and if you don't like it, just pretend those buttons don't exist.


Oh My Goodness! It's been like 3 weeks since a 'for real' update! Sorry for the long wait, peoples. I have made my return to college after several years of retail work and I did not expect to be burdened by the work load. I'm still putting words on paper but at a much slower rate. Taking 6 classes this summer and it's pretty rough keeping caught up. Hope you like this chapter. It sort of kept me guessing at what to do next for the first whole week. I had to make up an ending to the story and work back chapter by chapter in order to figure out the timeline and the rate of which certain plots needed to unfurl. Leave me feedback please! Comment, Like, whatever you need to do! I appreciate you all! THANKS!!!!

Glad to see another chapter added to the story. Looks like Rainbow is having some jealousy issues, and Twilight is getting a little antsy to get out there. I think my favorite part of this installment was Pinkie's trip to insanity near the end. I look forward to seeing how this will turn out.

Also, would I be correct in guessing that Pink dreamz is a hallucinogen?


Yes. Pink Dreamz are little hotel soap-sized cakes that Pinkie crafts. If you have ever heard of Bath Salts, Pink Dreamz would be their equivalent. Supposedly Bath Salts can do all kinds of terrible things. It's supposed to be energy inducing like meth but can also make you see things. My friend has a coworker who swore a demon showed up in his room and beat the crap out of him until his mom came in with a witch stick and trapped it inside. Read about it. Pretty rough stuff.

Yeah, I really enjoyed her little refrigerator tour as well. It was the only part I thought of while writing and it turned out to be my favorite as well. I didn't know what to do with Pinkamena and Fluttershy and they were having, pretty much, their same conversation as in the last chapter and then Wham. Pinkie's crazy. Make her do something crazy.

Thanks for reading, Locklen.


My comments are lonely. Please be a pal and give them some friends.

Okay, another chapter up! AND GOOD NEWS! This one was actually cut in half so the next one will be posted by the weekend! Sorry for the delay, had some blocks because this whole middle piece is a little slow and I made a push to finish my macroeconomics course in record time! Things will heat up near the end and gasoline will be added for the last segment. FUN FUN FUN!

Thanks for reading!

Comment, Like, something!

And i had almost given up hope that this story could have a happy ending. This looks promising.

Another awesome chapter. I can feel warmth returning to this cold, desolate world caled Ponyville.

Looks like the bonds of friendship may be starting to appear, but are quite fragile. I like what is going on with the CMC currently. Also, Rainbow has some self-confidence issues to get over, from what I can tell.


Another quick update. I really got into writing this section. Funny because I really thought this was going to be a dull writing experience. Just filler. Nope. Things changed as I started writing. This whole piece was fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Please comment, like, whatever you will. I love feedback.

I had just finished the last one when this was added... do I have awesome timing or what? :pinkiehappy:
But anywayyy. This story is amazing, and so intricate :derpyderp1: I love how it's unfolding. Update soon! :pinkiehappy:

All right Magnum, time to work on that overdue video.. What? Pinkamenace updated?! Wel there go my plans:rainbowlaugh:

I think im to easily distracted:facehoof:


Feels like a decade since I updated. Sorry for the long wait. I've been busy and there's a lot that's going to happen in the next 2-3 chapters. It starts right here and stuff's gonna escalate. This chapter wasn't all that fun to write and I have found myself debating whether or not to continue down the chosen path for this story. Anyway, I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

I had to rewrite this chapter's sections a few times. The first draft for this was utter junk. I am moderately pleased with the outcome. If you enjoyed this story please comment or like. I'd love to hear your feedback. Also, just out of interest, what do you all think of the CMC for this? They were originally going to be coke mules but have developed their own storyline to the point they are main characters.

Also, changed the pic for the story.

ngh. I don't care about Jackass and Spike, I wanna keep hearing about Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. don't be like that man.

also, how does this not have the "Tragedy" tag?

considering all the crap that every character has gone through, it seems fitting.


I've been holding off on the tragedy tag because I don't want the current readers to know what is going to happen. I agree that there has been a lot of tragedy, yet all the characters are alive(except maybe Sweetie) and can make amends. The last few chapters have been positive, uplifting, showing a glimpse of what might happen. Will Scoot and Sweetie be able to make up or is Sweetie laying dead in the field after being beaten to death by an irrational Scoots? Same principal for Twi, Pinkie, Flutters, AJ, and RD. Has Twilight brought the magic of friendship out in all of them and Ponyville about to recover? Find out next time. Same bat-time. Same bat-channel.

Ahhh! <3 This is awesome :pinkiehappy: as usual. I'm so excited. I've mostly been on Sweetie's side through this whole thing, mostly because intelligence is something I value very very much, but she sure can be a snot. I think it'd be a great plot twist if Scoots had killed her. It would hold many complications, and maybe even force Applebloom to realize what her family really did. So the party would be the last warm memory she had, turned sour with the death of her friend... But who knows, maybe you have something completely different in mind. I'm so excited, you continue to suprise me. :pinkiehappy:


New chapter! It has been a long time since an update. i'm sorry. For a while I lost interest in the story and only after discussing it with a couple new and old readers did I get back into writing. I have felt the last 3 chapters have not had a clear flow and I have not been able to look at them and say "Yes. this is what I wanted to do here." I'm unsure how this chapter has turned out. I hope it makes sense and you enjoy reading it. Big surprise at the end of this chapter. The illusion shimmers and fades....hehehe.

Comment if you feel like it. I'd love to hear some feedback!:pinkiehappy:

Indeed that was a surprise. I'm liking that Spike stood up for himself in front of Twilight. As for the long wait, don't worry about it. The end result has been worthwhile thus far, and I have faith that it will continue to be.

JackSlap, you are a freaking psychopath.

Another great, lush chapter!

Diagnosis? dead. Welp looks like my early predictions are void. :fluttercry:

I can see no possible way this can end even remotely well for anypony:fluttercry::raritycry:

so now Sweetie is gonna bring the operation down. I'm calling it. She's gonna tell Twilight, or wilight will overhear her screaming at Applejack, and Magic will happen and [hopefully Twilight will sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly kill jackslap. make him cry and beg like a litle bitch:twilightangry2:] Celestia will be summoned to fuck shit up


Thank you all so much for your comments. Your feedback is important to me and I hope to continue to entertain you all with further chapters. I just started work on the next one. A lot will go on and it's going to be fairly long I believe. The next one is the set-up for the finale of this segment. The individual storylines have already begun to weave together and this chapter will only further the design. Finally, every story will combine to form the last segment, the crescendo of events, the beginning of the end.


A quick update. I really got into this chapter and worked hard to finish it. This chapter is where storylines really begin to cross. Most of the characters are interacting or will shortly be interacting with one another's primary storylines. We see the aftermath of Spike's fate and the resolution to Rainbow Dash's plans for AJ. What else can happen? Lots. Segment Finale is coming up. It's going to be one you will remember.

Comments and likes are appreciated, but just reading it is appreciated as well. Thank you all so much for your support. This story isn't for me anymore. you all have kept my inspiration from dying. Thank you so much!

My comment this morning didn't go through, so I'll try again. I'm really impressed at how quickly this came out after the last chapter. :twilightsmile:

Very intense chapter. Looking forward to seeing how it all coalesces in the segment finale.

He's a psycho-maniac!

(Rainbow Dash slowly reached out and pulled the baggie back to her.) No, dont you dare

She opened it and dumped the contents onto the floor./quote] NO!!! DAMIT YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS! YOU CAN

She formed several small lines with her hooves and brought her muzzle down, snorting quickly and feeling the burn rush through her sinus cavity./quote]


No Dash, No! You should have known it was a trap!

Whoa amazing :pinkiegasp: Unexpected and brill. I'm so excited. You develop the characters so well, watching the show now, I can't help but think what they could become...

Daaaash. You had so much going for you. :fluttercry: But still, unexpected twist, me gusta. :raritystarry:

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